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New AS-Interface G11 Module with IP68/IP69k Protection

Hermetically sealed, compact and durable

Innovative clean housing concept protects the new AS-Interface G11 module, even from steam cleaners or pressure washdowns
Innovative clean housing design protects the new AS-Interface G11 module, even from steam cleaners or pressure washdowns

The new AS-Interface G11 field modules from Pepperl+Fuchs offer an innovative clean housing concept in a robust, compact, round design, and are particularly suitable for assembly machines and process automation applications.

Due to the unique O-ring seal technology, even cleaning processes involving pressure washers and mechanical stress do not affect the performance of the G11 modules. The smooth surfaces prevent dirt from accumulating!

The housing is only 85 mm in diameter and can be mounted with the flat cable aligned in any direction.

The outputs offer up to 2 A per M12 port, are short-circuit protected, and indicate an overload condition directly at the relevant M12 port. As a result, troubleshooting time at the installation location is minimized.

Important features of the AS-Interface G11 module

  • Highest degree of protection IP68/IP69k, no molded components
  • Impact resistant mounting using two M5 mounting screws
  • Round, gold-plated contact pins with proven sealing contour
  • Compatible with the new AS-Interface POWER 24 specifications

One product concept – four distinct models

The G11 module is available in four versions with different types of connection to the AS-Interface network, and input/output configurations.

You reap the benefits!

Keine Fehlersuche mehr! No more troubleshooting!
In the event of a short circuit at the output, not only is the fault information transferred to the gateway and the PLC, but a red LED at the relevant M12 port indicates the presence of the fault.
Trittfestigkeit Maximum protection
The device is mounted via two M5 screws through the base and a central captive stainless steel screw in the top. Durable materials protect the electronics.
Passt in jede Lücke Fits into every corner
The compact, round design allows flexible alignment of the flat cable to any position.
Dampfstrahlen ist kein Problem Steam cleaning or pressure washdown never pose a problem
Radial O-ring seals provide hermetic protection of the electronics without requiring molded components. Aging and thermal stresses are not a concern.
Sichere und dichte Kontaktierung des Flachkabels Flat cable with secure sealed contacts
When the flat cable is connected, the sealing contour in the AS-Interface passive splitter effectively seals off the round gold-plated terminal pins.
Flexible Flachkabelführung Flexible flat cable routing
The M12 connection for AS-i/AUX allows the G11 module to be used in round cable applications or connected to the AS-Interface flat cable using a flat-to-round cable adapter.
Betrieb mit Standard 24 V Netzteil Operated with standard 24 V per supply
The G11 module already conforms to the new AS-Interface POWER 24 specifications.