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KCD2-RR-EX1 thermometer resistance repeater

KCD2-RR-EX1 thermometer resistance repeater
The new KCD2-RR-EX1 thermometer resistance repeater
Isolated signal repeaters like the KCD2-RR-EX1 thermometer resistance repeater, are used to repeat signals from the hazardous area to the controller, and are transparent to the process.  The new KCD2-RR-EX1 thermometer resistance repeater is designed to repeat the resistance values of a PT100 RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) from the hazardous location and provide galvanic isolation. The advantage is that the input card of the controller does not need to be parameterized or scaled because the resistance value of a PT100 is repeated.

To avoid ground loops and limit the energy of intrinsically safe circuits, isolated signal repeater barriers are recommended. Signal repeaters transmit sensor signals from the input side of the isolator to the output side.  Signal repeaters are of particular use if several channels need to be galvanically isolated. Signal repeaters are available for  a variety of signal types, such as millivolt from thermocouples, or resistance values from temperature probes.

The KCD2-RR-EX1 has a narrow 12.5 mm housing and also offers additional features, such as line fault detection, and LED for power indication. Its fast transfer rate makes it ideal for multiplexed multichannel cards.