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VisuNet GMP Operator Workstations for Zone 2/22 now also Available with Widescreen Monitors

VisuNet GMP wide screen monitor
VisuNet GMP Remote Monitors and Panel PCs - now available with widescreen monitors for Zone 2/22

Remote monitors and Panel PCs of the VisuNet GMP operator workstations family are now available with display sizes of 55.9 cm (22 inch) for use in Zone 2 and 22. The wide screen monitor enables an optimal presentation of complex process pictures in hazardous areas. The whole range of requirements of regulated industries on operator workstations are covered:

  • Safe area or Zone 2/22
  • 48.3 cm (19 inch) or 55.9 cm (22 inch) display
  • Panel PCs, remote monitors and monitors with or without KVM extender

Software for process control is often optimized for Widescreen format. To present process pictures on displays with a 4:3 format, the software often has to be modified. By using widescreen monitors these expensive adaptions are not necessary. With the new VisuNet operator workstation, a 16:10 format with a resolution of 1,680 x 1,050 can be displayed. Process pictures can be presented without additional modifications.