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TOP 5 Nomination for the HERMES AWARD 2012

R2000 - the powerful 2D laser scanner

R2000 2D-Laserscanner
Nominated under the TOP-5 for the HERMES AWARD 2012: R2000 - the powerful 2D laser scanner

Advancements in the field of measurement sensors have reached new dimensions of accuracy. We proudly present the new, innovative 2-dimensional R2000 laser scanner. This laser scanner ensures a gapless vision of 360° and operates with the proven Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT). PRT equates to high accuracy and precise measurement results and is independent of the target condition. Disturbances due to ambient light or atmospheric pollution have no effects on the measurement results.

R2000 highlights

  • Uses the proven Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT), which guarantees an accurate distance measurement of objects
  • Gapless vision of 360°
  • Small light spot enables reliable detection of small objects, as well as the exact determination of positions and edges
  • Laser with visible red light for easy sensor alignment
  • Interactive display provides easy operation and commissioning

With a high sample rate and scanning frequency of 50 Hz, the R2000 is ideal for fast applications. Its applications are very versatile. These laser scanners can be used for many types of applications, including logistics, building automation, and transport technology.