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Issue April 2012


Learn about Pulse Ranging Technology—the technology that enters a new dimension with the Laser scanner R2000—in the current issue of SENSING YOUR NEEDS 01/2012. Miniature sensors that provide precise object, code and edge detection in the print and paper industry are also highlighted.

Additional topics include:

  • Measuring Functionality Provides Extra Benefits - Multifunctional sensor with IO-Link interface
  • Minimize Downtime - M30 ultrasonic sensor with IO-Link
  • IDENTControl Compact control interface now with EtherCAT
  • Modular Fail-safe Interface - AS-Interface safety ultracompact module with direct connection
  • Trouble-free Print Runs - Miniature sensors for precise edge detection
  • No Chance for Misfed Sheets - BIS510 – the no. 1 for sheet verification
  • Fast and Versatile - The powerful Optical Print Inspector
  • and more ...

R2000 nominees under TOP 5 for HERMES AWARD 2012

2D-Laser scanner R2000 nominated under TOP-5 for the HERMES AWARD 2012.