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Flameproof enclosure ensures that automation equiment runs smoothly and safely

DCS, ESD equipment and K-System IS Barriers installed in a flameproof ASM170 enclosure
DCS, ESD equipment, and K-System IS Barriers installed in a flameproof ASM170 enclosure

Rarely there are more harsh or dangerous environments than oil drilling rigs located in the middle of the northern Atlantic ocean. Here you find corrosive salt water, fierce thunderstorms, and deep-freeze temperatures, all neatly combined with the explosion hazardous atmosphere on the offshore platform. The automation equipment has to run smoothly and safely regardless of conditions. It is readily apparent why the safety requirements are among the highest and most costly all over the world.

We offer solutions to meet these rigid safety standards while saving money on project installation and commissioning at the same time. All DCS, ESD, and other instrumentation is installed in a rugged flameproof stainless steel enclosure by the skilled personnel at our in-house facilities. Enclosures from our ASM or EJB ranges, in stainless steel or copper-free aluminium, protect sensitive equipment from both explosion and environmental dangers.

Working closely with the customer’s experts, our solution engineers develop the optimal design to fit in all necessary automation components. These may include our well-known IS Barriers or FieldConnex fieldbus modules from our explosion protection product lines, as well as DCS and ESD equipment supplied by the customer or EPC contractor. All functional testing and certification procedures are done in our workshop. Finally, the completed solution is mounted on a skid which can be easily transported to the offshore platform. The combination of the flameproof enclosure with an Ex e termination area facilitates the integration of the DCS and ESD equipment into the platform’s automation system.

Many of these solutions are installed on offshore facilities all over the world, sometimes even high up on the helicopter deck, to protect the precious instrumentation even in harshest conditions.