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New English Version of Factory Automation Catalog Available Now

“Sensors and Systems” Catalog, 2012 Issue

Factory Automation Catalog
International Factory Automation Catalog 2012

The new English language "Sensors and Systems" catalog brings together the entire product portfolio of the FACTORY AUTOMATION division into a single edition for the global market. The online version is also available as hardcopy or PDF.

Each product area has a dedicated section, which includes:

  • Table of contents
  • Selection tables with the most important selection features (page numbers guide you straight to the product you are looking for)
  • Chapter introduction with a detailed description of the technology and valuable tips
  • Technical data section

The product detail pages in the data section are structured so that common data is summarized in a single table. A second table containing model numbers clearly highlights the differences between individual products. This structure provides a clear overview and makes it easier to select and order products.


New features in the English language catalog are the "Properties" and "Your Benefit" boxes on the product pages.

  • Properties summarizes the most important features of the products described. This makes it noticeably easier to distinguish the contents of different pages.
  • Your Benefit highlights specific products with outstanding features that deliver added value. These additional benefits are clearly explained. 

Highlights at a glance

  • Easy to locate the right product quickly
  • Descriptive table of contents
  • Large tab index for each chapter
  • Detailed index of each chapter
  • Selection tables with practical selection criteria and page numbers to guide you directly to the product pages
  • Detailed technology descriptions and valuable tips in the chapter introduction
  • Clear and consistent presentation of product pages with separate tables for common and product-specific data
  • Electrical connection diagrams and simplified dimensional drawings, without confusing elements, shown straight on the product pages – no cumbersome browsing through chapter appendices
  • Condensed descriptions of selection features in the "Properties" box on the product pages
  • The "Your Benefit" box identifies products with added value and customer benefits
  • List of suitable accessories on product pages
  • Glossary and other useful information in the Appendix
  • Alphabetical product index
  • Hardcover binding for long life and use

Deutsch-sprachigen Online-Katalog öffnen

Werfen Sie einen Blick in den deutsch-sprachigen "Sensoren und Systeme"-Katalog für die Fabrikautomation.