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Pepperl+Fuchs at Emerson Exchange 2012

Creative and innovative solutions for higher fieldbus availability

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100% availability – This is the objective that every development for FieldConnex fieldbus components supports. Pepperl+Fuchs invests its engineering expertise to bring your processes to this ultimate goal. The result is a new generation of components that create transparent fieldbus communications and can proactively eliminate faults.

Never compromise on fault tolerance

Detect, avoid, isolate: That is the secure way to keep processes online. The new FieldConnex® components and technology are equipped with unique features that immediately react to specific faults. The perfect interaction avoids most of the common faults:

Diagnostic Segment Protector
Diagnostic Segment Protector

Diagnostic Segment Protector

  • Progressive spur short-circuit protection
  • Jabber protection – cuts off devices talking too much
  • Contact bounce protection – suppresses unintentional bounce
  • Reliable containment of gradual overload conditions
  • Protects operations from manual intervention and device failure

Diagnostic Surge Protector
Diagnostic Surge Protector

Diagnostic Surge Protector

Protects from power surges on trunk and spurs

  • Monitors strike severity and count 
  • Reports end of functional reserve to PAM
  • For condition-based replacement
  • Removes the need for repetitive scheduled maintenance
  • Protects you from the next strike

Enclosure Leakage Sensor
Enclosure Leakage Sensor

Enclosure Leakage Sensor

Monitors the inside of the enclosure

  • Placed inside an enclosure 
  • Connects in parallel to the fieldbus segment
  • Sends alarm to plant asset management
  • Know what the housing looks like on the inside

Diagnostic Gateway
Diagnostic Gateway

Diagnostic Gateway

Integrates the Advanced Diagnostic Modules into higher-level systems for control and asset management

  • With FF-H1 integration and Ethernet
  • Discrete, frequency, temperature, and humidity inputs
  • Relay high-power outputs

The cabinet itself becomes a well-managed asset.

Diagnostics deluxe

Prevention instead of stagnation: Fieldbus is an important asset to monitor. Using components with Advanced Diagnostics installed along the trunk, in the junction box, even in the instrument enclosure, shows what is possible. Fieldbus under control improves the bottom line.

How does technology realize a new level of availability?  It thinks ahead.

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