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Issue November 2012

Newsletter SENSING YOUR NEEDS 02/2012

In the newest issue of the Factory Automation Magazine SENSING YOUR NEEDS (02/2012) you will get a great overview of our longtime expertise in the field of ultrasonic technology. You'll also find details on the new F31K2 valve position sensor, which ensures highest reliability even within the most extreme outdoor applications.

Additional topics awaiting you in SENSING YOUR NEEDS:

  • Even more applications are possible with the R2000 laser scanner
  • Benefit from the flexibility of small sensors that work in tight spaces
  • Avoid process interruptions in hazardous areas using the new RFID system for Zone 1 and 21 (2G/2D)
  • Combine robustness and flexibility with the new 78E rotary encoder series
  • Practical experience: High-tech fruit harvesting – Sensors for mobile harvesters
  • And more ...