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Ruggedized WirelessHART Adapter for Dust and Gas Hazardous Areas

WirelessHART Adapter WHA-ADP

The new WirelessHART Adapter WHA-ADP-F8B2-*-A* is ideal for rough, hazardous areas due to its robust and noncorrosive aluminum housing. The adapter is able to equip up to four conventional field devices installed in Zone 1 and 21, Class I, Division 1 dust or gas hazardous areas with WirelessHART functionality. Being able to equip up to four devices leads to high process security, plant availability, and cost savings because existing field devices and wiring can remain in the field and be reused.

Diagnostic information provided via WHA-ADP opens up the possibility of proactive maintenance management. Benefit from easy and fast maintenance and commissioning with access via the web interface, where you can check the battery status or device status. All this information is available with the aluminum WirelessHART adapter that carries cCSAus/ ATEX/ IECEx certification for dust and gas hazardous areas.