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plug-in cap MH V1-BIT M12

  • Tool for screwing all M12 round connectors with longitudinal knurling
  • Easy removal of plug connector cap by turning

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Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of MH V1-BIT M12

Product Description
plug-in cap M12
General specifications
Drive4 mm hexagonal
Mechanical specifications
Massapprox. 19 g

Associated Products: MH V1-BIT M12

Accessory ofName
V1-4A-E2-M23Splitter boxes
V1-8A-E2-V112Splitter boxes
V1-8/16A-E2-M23Splitter boxes
V1-4A-E-5M-PURSplitter boxes
V1-8A-M23Splitter boxes
V1-8A-E2-M23Splitter boxes
V1-6A-E2-5M-PURSplitter boxes
V1-8/16A-E2-8M-PUR-V23-GSplitter boxes
V1-8/16A-E2-5M-PUR-V23-GSplitter boxes
V1-4/8A-E2Splitter boxes
V1-8/16A-E2Splitter boxes
V1-4A-E2-5M-PURSplitter boxes
V1-4A-E2-10M-PURSplitter boxes
V1-8A-E2-5M-PURSplitter boxes
V1-8A-E2-10M-PURSplitter boxes
V1-8A-E-5M-PURSplitter boxes
V1-4/8A-E2-M23Splitter boxes
V1-8/16A-E2-2M-PUR-V23-GSplitter boxes
VAZ-V1-B3Blind plug
V1-8/16A-E2-2M-PURSplitter boxes
V1-8/16A-5M-PUR-O4Splitter boxes
V1-8/16A-E2-5M-PURSplitter boxes
Matching system componentsName
MH V1-SCREWDRIVERtorque screwdriver