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Surge Protection Barrier K-LB-1.30

  • 1-channel
  • DIN rail mount module
  • For intrinsically safe or non-intrinsically safe 30 V applications
  • Protects field or control circuit inputs
  • Max. surge current (8/20 µs) 20 kA
  • Uninterruptable operation (auto reset)

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Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of K-LB-1.30

Product Description
2-wire protection
General specifications
Number of protected lines2
Electrical specifications
Rated current250 mA
Leakage current< 5 µA at 24 V and 25 °C (77 °F) , line-line
Nominal voltage24 V DC
Maximum continuous operating voltage30 V DC
Series resistance< 0.5 Ω per line
Impulse rating10 kV/5 kA (category C2)
2 kV/2 kA (category D1)
Impulse discharge current (10/350 µs)2 kA per line (2x)
Nominal discharge current (8/20 µs)5 kA per line (10x)
Rated surge current (8/20 µs)10 kA per line (1x)
Total discharge current (8/20 µs)20 kA (1x)
Voltage protection levelmax. 75 V line-line for nominal discharge current In
max. 1.2 kV line-earth for nominal discharge current In
Impulse reset time< 30 ms
Insertion loss≤ 0.05 dB, at 0 ... 4 kHz, in 600 Ω-System
≤ 3 dB, at 0 ... 174 kHz, in 100 Ω-System
Degree of protectionIEC 60529:2013
Surge protective devices for low voltageEN 61643-21:2001+A1:2009+A2:2013
IEC 61643-21:2001+A1:2008+A2:2012
Operating conditions
Installation conditions
Mounting locationindoor
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature-30 ... 80 °C (-22 ... 176 °F)
For usage in hazardous area observe EC-type examination certificate.
Mechanical specifications
Degree of protectionIP20
Connectionscrew terminals , max. core cross-section 2 x 2.5 mm2
Massapprox. 100 g
Dimensions12.5 x 115 x 110 mm (0.5 x 4.5 x 4.3 inch)
Mountingon 35 mm DIN mounting rail acc. to EN 60715:2001
Data for application in connection with hazardous areas
EC-Type Examination CertificatePTB 00 ATEX 2176 X
Group, category, type of protection, temperature classEx-Hexagon II 2(1)G Ex ia IIC T6/T5/T4
Directive conformity
Directive 2014/34/EUEN 60079-0:2012+A11:2013 , EN 60079-11:2012
International approvals
CSA approval
Control drawing116-0187 (cCSAus)
IECEx approvalIECEx BAS 14.0010X

Documents: K-LB-1.30

ManualsLanguageFile TypeFile Size
Brief instructions Surge Protection BarriersENGPDF876 KB
Functional Safety ManualENGPDF481 KB
Manual Surge Protection BarriersENGPDF1151 KB
Handbuch ÜberspannungsschutzbarrierenGERPDF2002 KB
Kurzanleitung ÜberspannungsschutzbarrierenGERPDF891 KB
Instructions, short instructions, safety information
Instruction manualENGPDF56 KB
Manuel d'instructionsFRAPDF61 KB
BetriebsanleitungGERPDF61 KB
Manuale di istruzioniITAPDF59 KB
Manual de instruccionesSPAPDF60 KB

Approvals+Certificates: K-LB-1.30

Statements of complianceCertificate No.File TypeFile Size
EU-Declaration of conformity / EU-KonformitätserklärungDOC-0968PDF88 KB
Baseefa IECEx Certificate of ConformityIECEx BAS 14.0010XLINK---
Canada, USA CSACoC 1128189PDF62 KB
China NEPSIGYJ 15.1343XPDF1260 KB
EACTC RU C-DE.AA71.B.00140PDF2600 KB
Europe PTB ATEX Category (1) 2PTB 00 ATEX 2176XPDF946 KB
Europe Pepperl+Fuchs ATEX Category (3) DPF 16 CERT 4065 XPDF173 KB
exida Functional Safety AssessmentP+F 11-10-085 R036 V1R0PDF477 KB
Control drawings
Control Drawing CSA / Control Drawing CSA   PDF179 KB