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High-Speed Code Reader ODT-MAC400

... reads Data Matrix codes based on the GS1 standard

Product packaging in the pharmaceutical industry in Europe will be identified in future with 2-D codes that feature a more complex data structure based on the internationally standardized GS 1 standard. Code reading devices must be capable of interpreting these data correctly and also transferring it correctly via interfaces to EDP systems.

High-speed code reader MAC400 reads Data Matrix code data at 10m/s and processes the data according to international standards

Fixed and variable data in one code

GS1 barcodes enable businesses to manage the supply chain more efficiently. In addition to the identification of products, information such as batch designation, inventory control, traceability, expiration date or product code.

The ECC200 Data Matrix Code has clearly emerged as the preferred barcode symbology.

The advantages of GS1 Data Matrix ECC200 symbology

  • Codes require considerably less space
  • Can be read with absolute reliability
  • Highly developed, built-in error detection
  • Reconstruct damaged data

The MAC400 high-speed reader from Pepperl+Fuchs reads Matrix Code data at 10m/s. It is absolutely essential that the data identifiers defined by GS1 are correctly interpreted and assigned. The MAC4xx product family deliver these data via Ethernet interface conforming to standards. The series MAH 200 and 300 handheld scanners provide flexible possibilities of data preparation for the subsequent transfer to EDP systems via USB interface or wireless via Bluetooth.