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Increase your trust in signals with galvanically isolated signal conditioners

With the variety of process control systems available, it is often necessary to convert an input signal into a format that the system will accept. Signal conditioners take signals from an assortment of field sensors such as thermocouples and RTDs, and convert those signals into any of several standard instrument signals (1…5V, 4…20 mA, etc.).

Signal conditioners are also beneficial to the accurate transfer of these signals, isolation and the elimination of ground loops. Additionally, signal conditioners are

  • Easy to specify
  • Easy to integrate
  • Easy to expand

One main function of signal conditioners is to prevent the effects of interference voltage and current through the use of galvanic isolation. This eliminates grounding problems of wide network signal cables. Signal conditioners offer much more than just this isolating function. This includes additional functions, like linearization and sensor supply as well as sensor and line fault detection.

Many signal conditioners have additional relay outputs in order to report min/max trip values. K-System signal conditioners are mounted on the DIN mounting rail. If the Power Rail is used, the wiring needed for the supply voltage and collective error messages is reduced significantly.

When it comes to process signal transmission, you can put your trust in us – from project-related consultation to requirements-driven planning and cost-efficient realization.

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