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Invisible Wiring with the K-DUCT Profile Rail


Saving space could not be easier

The new K-DUCT profile rail
The K-DUCT profile rail

Devices installed in control cabinets are becoming more compact and wiring technology increasingly intelligent to create more space for the equipment. With the K-DUCT profile rail, the control cabinet wiring now disappears under the interface modules – saving space could not be easier.

With this K-DUCT profile rail, the (Ex) field and control signal wiring is routed underneath the installed modules and separated by an integral partition, providing the ideal solution for mounting and wiring control cabinet components.

A common power supply for all installed devices is also possible in combination with the Power Rail. If you would like to install interface technology in a control cabinet and significantly reduce your wiring and planning costs, a profile rail combined with the Power Rail and the K-System is the best choice.