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Transmitter Power Supply KFU8-VCR-1
Transmitter Power Supply KFU8-VCR-1

In many process automation applications, versatile devices are often needed which evaluate current and voltage signals, or which can function as a transmitter power supply. With the KFU8-VCR-1, a new universal transmitter power supply with signal converter functionality is avaliable.

Due to the multi-functionality, the new, galvanically isolated transmitter power supply is an all-rounder for conversion of voltage and current signals. KFU8-VCR-1 powers 2- and 3-wire transmitters, and is able to process current and voltage signals at its input. Multiple outputs offer active and passive current sources and one voltage output which allow a flexible adaption of the field signal to the control system.

Front placement rotary switches are used to set up the devices - without any computer. Additionally, no external power supply is needed as the KFU8-VCR-1 features a wide range common power supply for the world wide usage.