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Simulation Software for the 6000 Series Purge and Pressurization Controller

Now also available as an app for the iPad and Android!

New: App for simulating the 6000 series purge and pressurization system

The new user interface simulation software app shows how easy it is to program the 6000 Series purge and pressurization controller. The user interface controller (UIC) is an interactive simulation with training software. The UIC is available in English, German, and Chinese languages. The display maps the complete menu structure of the 6000 Series.

Everyone knows the problem: There is a new promising product, but you’ll have to order it to find out how to operate it. The usual information sources about a new product such as general literature, datasheets, and manuals, usually give a good overview, but it’s not the same as having the actual product in your hands.

Learning to operate the product before you buy it is now possible for the new 6000 Series purge and pressurization units! The new interactive simulation software for the 6000 Series maps the complete menu structure with all possible inputs. You can try out the new 6000 Series purge unit without ordering or buying it! Get familiar with setting up the control unit, and learn about the different functions. For better understanding, each menu item includes help text that explains every function.

The self-running operations are another software highlight. These run automatically and clarify specific programming sequences. You can choose:

  • Entering a password
  • Activating the bypass function 
  • Volume adjustments within the enclosure

Test the system before buying it! Experience the different functions and parameters of the timer, four inputs, and the additional two outputs. Optimize your application with the many purging possibilities that the new 6000 Series provides.

The software is free of charge, and is optimized for the PC, iPad, or Android, and can be downloaded from our website or from the app store.

Download Simulation Software UIC

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