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The R2000 Series 2D Laser Scanner (2-D LiDAR Sensor) with 360° Performance for Measurement Applications

R2000 series distance sensors allow precise object detection under versatile object and ambient conditions. Two versions are available for a variety of applications:

  • The R2000 UHD is suitable for complex measuring tasks and navigation.
  • The R2000 Detection is an easy-to-use laser scanner for demanding field monitoring applications.

Aside from its small light spot for the detection of small objects, the scanners deliver a 360° field of view. They surprise with a compact sensor design for easy integration into applications.

R2000 series 2D laser scanner (2-D LiDAR sensor)—benefits at a glance

  • Innovative Pulse Ranging Technology for high precision and reliability
  • Sharp, pinpoint light spot allows detection of small objects, reflectors, or edges
  • 360° measurement for all-round visibility
  • Compact design for simple mechanical integration
  • Interactive, wrap-around LED display provides easy-to-see status information

R2000 Detection highlights

  • A stable, wobble-free scanning axis guarantees precise monitoring of the scan surface.
  • Highest angular resolution of any digital I/O scanner on the market - 0.071° - ensures detection of extremely small objects.
  • Simple handling - 4 configurable detection fields easily link to the digital outputs.

R2000 UHD highlights

  • Suitable for high-speed applications due to a rapid scan rate of 50 Hz.
  • Best angular resolution on the market of 0.014° ensures extremely accurate detection.

The R2000 provides reliable and extremely precise measuring results—with a gapless all-around visibility of 360° ...