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Flexible Handheld Reader for Warehousing Systems

The OHV300 enables complete warehouse management

The OHV300 handheld reader ensures maximum efficiency in warehouse management, stocktaking, and inventory processes.

The application

Warehousing systems are often associated with huge distribution centers full of tall shelves where stacker cranes work at lightning speed. Not to be forgotten are the countless small to medium-sized systems that are indispensable to many businesses in a wide range of areas including procurement, production, and distribution. In this environment, fully automatic warehouse operations are often not feasible from an economic or technical perspective. Instead, products are added and removed from inventory manually. In any case, operating personnel want maximum efficiency in their warehouse management, stocktaking, and inventory processes.

The objectives

Adding and removing stock manually differs from the processes used in fully automatic warehousing systems. In particular, it hinders the work flow when employees constantly need to go between the storage area and a stationary PC to enter and update the data. Using an intelligent handheld reader meets these performance requirements. The devices need to be capable of processing all conventional 1-D and 2-D codes and mapping the entire warehouse management system in parallel on the handheld reader.

The OHV300 handheld reader is easy to use and reliably reads small 2-D and long 1-D codes.

The solution

The OHV300 handheld reader enables complete warehouse management.
The OHV300 handheld reader enables complete warehouse management.

The OHV300 handheld readers effortlessly complete tasks ranging from product registration to complete warehouse management. In order to add goods to inventory, the user can input product-specific data via the code reader or the keyboard. Saved data, such as location and quantity, is identified at any time, simply by reading the codes. The keyboard and integrated color screen ensure user-friendly operation and results display. For additional processing and backup purposes, the data can be exported to ERP systems in tabular form by connecting the OHV300 wirelessly to the PC USB charger or smartphones and tablet computers.

The benefits

The handheld reader offers a number of special features that help users at work. It easily reads codes on reflective surfaces or through the film of shrink-wrapped products, or with capturing both large and small codes on the same device via the dual lens. The handheld reader offers optimum flexibility in customizing individual applications, e.g., integration into ERP systems without extensive programming. Its compatibility with JavaScript provides every conceivable option for implementing your own applications without using a PC.

OHV300 handheld reader at a glance

  • Keypad and screen for easy inventory management
  • Simple and flexible integration into ERP systems via output string adaptation
  • Parameterization and programming on the handheld reader itself using control codes with JavaScript
  • Reliable reading of small 2-D and long 1-D codes
  • Wireless transmission via Bluetooth


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