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New Vibration Limit Switches Ensure Reliable Vibration Level Measurement


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The new vibration limit switches master versatile measurement tasks.

In a variety of industries, powerful level measurement technology ensures efficient and trouble-free process operation. In the field of vibration level measurement, Pepperl+Fuchs introduces new vibration limit switches. These sensors offer reliable protection against overfill and running dry. Providing continuous self-monitoring, robust design, and easy handling, the level sensors are the ideal solution for your specific measurement tasks. Get to know the smallest vibrating sensors in the market.

Safe processes due to reliable monitoring

Our new vibration limit switches are designed to the highest requirements of quality and environmental sustainability. The self-monitoring devices enable stable limit level measurement at any time – even in the event of a power failure. Independent of changing media properties, an accurate switch point is provided.

Easy handling due to plug-and-play

Due to their plug-and-play connectivity, the vibration limit switches are conveniently mounted and installed. There is no need for adjustment or calibration even when changing media properties. Additionally, measurement is unaffected by conductivity, build-up, turbulence, flows, or air bubbles.

Highest durability due to robust design

With their stainless steel housing (316L), the vibration limit switches allow reliable operation in very harsh environments or in hygienic applications. The sensor design has no mechanical moving parts that may break down or wear out over time. This provides extra durability, ruggedness, and measurement stability.

Versatile applications

The Vibracon level sensors master versatile measurement tasks.
The Vibracon level sensors master versatile measurement tasks.

Vibration level measurement is a proven method for recording the limit level in liquids and bulk goods. It ensures that monitored media neither exceeds nor falls below a specified level. The vibration limit switches can be installed in any position in a vessel, pipe, or tank. In the application shown to the right, the Vibracon level sensors master measurement tasks like:

  • Overfill prevention or upper level detection
  • Lower-level detection
  • Dry running protection for pumps

Choose the ideal sensor solution for your measurement application:

  • LVL-A7 vibration limit switch is the right sensor solution for industrial applications in the machinery industry.
  • LVL-A7H vibration limit switch is especially designed for hygienic applications in food and beverage industry.



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