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Using the thin client-based monitor solution VisuNet GXP

VisuNet GXP Remote Monitor offers innovative software Control Center.
VisuNet GXP Remote Monitor offers innovative software Control Center.

Overcoming spatial borders goes along with Industry 4.0 – the increasing networking of plants enables location-independent availability of information. For a decentralized operation and process monitoring within the life sciences industry, Pepperl+Fuchs‘ VisuNet GXP Remote Monitor offers decisive benefits. Equipped with the latest firmware generation RM Shell 4.1, this lightweight thin client solution allows easy access to information of the process control system in Zone 1/21. The new embedded VisuNet Control Center software enables administrators to remotely connect and configure every VisuNet Remote Monitor in the field.

VisuNet GXP—a highly functional and lightweight HMI for Zone 1/21

At initial power up, the VisuNet GXP Remote Monitor convinces with its advantages. Due to its modular design, the display, computer, and power supply units are quick and easy to install. In case of failure, users can switch individual modules themselves. This eases maintenance and improves plant efficiency. With a weight of less than 25 kg, it can be installed by just one person.

However, the modularity does not mean we sacrificed on the design. The lightweight’s display size: With a screen diagonal of 21.5 inches and a Full HD resolution, the touch screen guarantees an optimum display of processes. The capacitive multi-touch sensor is located behind hardened protection glass. The display is not only extremely robust and scratch-resistant, but also operable for users wearing working gloves.

Additionally, the VisuNet GXP meets the hygienic requirements of both the life sciences industry and GMP guidelines. Liquids, dirt, or bacteria have no chance to accumulate on the smooth stainless steel surface. The continuous glass display supports optimal cleaning. Especially in pharmaceutical and fine chemical applications, the VisuNet GXP is an ideal solution for monitoring and operating in explosion hazardous areas. The software’s usability additionally simplifies handling. 

RM Shell 4.1—the latest firmware generation for the requirements of Industry 4.0

RM Shell 4.1 enables easy access to both modern virtualized and conventional workstation-based process control systems—the connection to a host PC is established within a few minutes. In addition to its proven advantages, the latest firmware generation provides users with the innovative additional software Control Center. Using this function, administrators are able to remotely connect to any VisuNet Remote Monitor in the field. Thus, setup, configuration, and monitoring can be done from one central point. In the event of faults, the Control Center‘s remote monitoring functions allow quick, demand-oriented support for users in the field—a walk back to the plant is unnecessary. This saves both time and resources, and supports availability of the plant.

Combined with these innovative features of RM Shell 4.1, the highly functional VisuNet GXP Remote Monitor is an ideal solution, meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0 and the connected production plant of tomorrow. 


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