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SC-System Rotation Speed Monitor in 6 mm Housing Desig—Now with Restart Inhibit


New rotation speed monitor with S0 interface.
New rotation speed monitor with S0 interface.

SC-System signal conditioners from Pepperl+Fuchs can now be used in even more applications: the new rotation speed monitor is the only module with a width of just 6 mm that is able to process digital input signals of all commercial digital sensors. This new development corresponds with the philosophy of being able to process all standard signals of a signal type using a single module. Due to its S0 interface, the rotation speed monitor is also suitable for areas outside industrial automation, such as building automation.

Safe speed monitoring with simple handling

The new rotation speed monitor of the SC-System is the only device of its kind with a 6 mm width. It processes input frequencies from 0.01 Hz up to 50 kHz. The high limit frequency and the resulting high resolution ensures that distorted pulses are reliably detected. The rotation speed monitor is easily adjusted via a DIP switch or a PC. Due to a separate input, a start-up override can be activated when downtime monitoring. To detect short-term limit values or line faults, the new restart inhibit is activated. This reset function has to be actively released after disruption has been identified and remedied.

A powerful module for digital signals

Each digital module of the SC-System is able to detect signals of all commercial digital sensors. The rotation speed monitor can process signals from NAMUR sensors and SN sensors, including lead breakage and short-circuit detection, as well as DC sensors according to EN 60947-5-2. In addition, the measurement data of S0 sensors, e.g. for water volume metering in building automation and 3-wire sensors with PNP or NPN switching outputs are reliably transferred to the control level via the new rotation speed monitor. In addition to the commercial 8 V power supply of other solutions available on the market, the new module offers a short-circuit protected sensor supply with 17 V / 25 mA. The module is equipped with a relay contact output.

Compact signal conditioners for high-quality three-way-isolation

The SC-System's 1- and 2-channel signal conditioners are especially designed for use in non-hazardous areas. With a width of 6 mm and a height of 97 mm, the compact modules are ideally suited for retrofitting in tight spaces. The SC-System offers high-quality three-way isolation between input, output, and supply, withstanding a working voltage of up to 300 V and a test voltage of up to 3.0 KV. The signal conditioners are designed for an operating temperature from -25 °C to +70 °C, and can be mounted horizontally or vertically without distance and reducing operating values. The SC-System modules are supplied with 24 volts either via terminals or power bus, an insert for 35-mm DIN rails.


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