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New Power Hub Generation for PROFIBUS and PROFINET

FieldConnex® Power Hub
Highly compact and easy to install: The FieldConnex® Power Hub combines PROFIBUS PA with PROFINET.

Efficiency, transparency, and availability—now with Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things, these requirements are more accessible than ever. Plant operators can ensure maximum plant availability and the highest degree of protection for humans and machines. A fundamental prerequisite is an infrastructure for seamless data integration to all intelligent devices in the field. With the latest FieldConnex® Power Hub generation from Pepperl+Fuchs, the engineering via PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET is made easy. Discover the most compact fieldbus power supply solution on the market and the numerous benefits it offers you.

From PROFIBUS to PROFINET: Easily integrate matching technology

For the very first time, Pepperl+Fuchs offers a PROFINET gateway allowing a direct connection between PROFINET and PROFIBUS PA. The new gateway supports PROFINET S2 system redundancy and topologies with PROFINET ring redundandcy. Smooth communication is ensured, even in the event of a potential failure at the DCS or the Ethernet network. Ongoing operations are not harmed. 

The most compact solution: Rely on high performance and save costs

The new FieldConnex® Power Hubs are much more compact than all previous models. With no compromise in performance and power, they take up far less space and require fewer control cabinets for the same number of segments. The Power Hubs also impress with the lowest level of power dissipation on the market, avoiding costly measures for active air conditioning. This not only saves costs for engineering, but also contributes to lower overall energy consumption while ensuring a long service life.

Advanced diagnostics: Take control of your fieldbus

Using a device type manager or web server, the new FieldConnex® Power Hubs can be configured and diagnosed from any remote location. Additionally, the advanced diagnostic module (ADM) enables users to continuously monitor the fieldbus physical layer. It identifies faults in real time and provides maintenance personnel with early, easy-to-understand information in clear text. Aside from a few fatal cases, such as short circuits, most issues with the fieldbus infrastructure do not immediately affect plant operations—by that we mean water ingress, ground faults or contact bounce. It is important to recognize these issues and enable maintenance teams to step in and quickly resolve them. This allows lowest commissioning and maintenance costs while maximizing safety of personnel and plant. The ADM—a must have for everyday life plant efficiency!

High-power trunk: Ensure intrinsic safety and achieve long cable runs

The FieldConnex® Power Hub supports the high-power trunk concept. This technology allows a large number of devices per segment to be installed over long cable distances. Intrinsic safety is possible with the high-power trunk concept when using FieldBarriers with intrinsically safe spur outputs.

Your benefits of the new FieldConnex® Power Hub generation:

  • PROFINET opens the way to the latest trends, such as Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things
  • Using PROFIBUS and PROFINET in one system protects investments in existing assets
  • Redundancy concepts increase plant availability 
  • Highly compact design allows most-efficient control room cabinet packing density
  • Advanced diagnostic module for physical layer monitoring 
  • High-power trunk concept with FieldBarrier ensures intrinsically safe installation in hazardous areas


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