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Cost-Efficient Solution for Modern Conveyor Systems: The G20 48 V Motor Control Module


G20 48V motor control module
G20 48 V modules are made for complex conveyor technology applications.

While 24 V systems were predominantly used in conventional conveyor systems, system planners are increasingly relying on 48 V technology to control DC motor rollers in times of rising energy prices. 48 V motor control modules have several advantages, as they enable the construction of flexible and cost-efficient conveyor lines. To meet this demand, Pepperl+Fuchs has added a 48 V motor control module to the G20 series of the AS-Interface portfolio.

Twice the Performance with the Same Power Consumption

The new G20 48 V module from Pepperl+Fuchs boasts twice the performance with the same power consumption and has been designed for modern, complex conveyor technology applications. The higher performance of the individual G20 motor control modules means that fewer power supply units need to be installed along the entire conveyor line, making system planning much more flexible. Due to the simpler wiring concept and the smaller number of power supply units, potential savings can be effectively exploited.

Proven Tool-Free Installation Concept

The AS-Interface G20 module for motorized rollers features a slim, well thought-out housing design that can be installed directly in the mounting rail of the roller conveyor line. The cables already integrated in the module for up to two sensors and motorized rollers ensure a clear system design. The ASi cable and the cable for the auxiliary voltage are simply attached in the final step and can be repositioned at any time using the swivel-in mechanism if required. The special piercing technology enables tool-free pre-assembly of individual conveyor segments, which can be put into operation on site.

Pepperl+Fuchs is already working on further interfaces that will enable system planners to configure individual solutions for their conveyor technology in the future based on a modular system.

Highlights of the G20 48 V Motor Control Module

  • G20 48 V modules for controlling DC motorized rollers with twice the power using the same power consumption
  • Increased cost efficiency: Savings on power supply units along the entire conveyor line
  • More flexibility in planning: Simpler power supply allows longer networks to be set up
  • Perfect integration: Application-optimized design for tool-free installation directly into the mounting rail


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