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Setting New Signals─Signal Light with IO-Link


Inform, alert, and monitor processes─with over one million colors on nine segments

Signal light with IO-Link
New signal light with integrated IO-Link interface

Wherever conventional signal lights reach their limits, the new signal light offers additional functions due to the integrated IO-Link interface V1.1 (COM3/Class A). For example, all nine segments of the signal light can be individually controlled and configured, allowing users to flexibly choose between various lighting modes and brightness levels. The signal light can light up fixed, flashing, or rotating at three different speeds─with over one million colors.

With the new signal light, Pepperl+Fuchs is expanding its portfolio for industrial communication and is making system monitoring even smarter thanks to the IO-Link interface.

Numerous Lighting Modes and Accoustic Signals for Even More Safety

Depending on requirements, the segments can be connected individually or to the number of activated status messages to form levels. For example, if five status messages are active, the nine segments can be combined into five different levels─if only one status message is active, only one color is activated.

The level indicator makes it easy to monitor machine processes. The illumination shows the percentage progress of the respective process. For applications where a particularly high level of personal and system safety is required, acoustic signals can be emitted via the integrated 105 dB siren as an additional protective measure.

Future-Oriented and Efficient Signaling Technology

Equipped with an M12 connector, the signal light can be easily integrated into an IO-Link network. For simple integration, the individual segments are configured via the individual device description IODD (IO Device Description) and the software. In addition, the signal light can be connected to various IO-Link masters and controlled accordingly, offering users additional flexibility. Due to the IP69 degree of protection and the high temperature range of -30 °C ... +60 °C, the signal light is versatile and can be used for demanding applications in harsh industrial environments. The functions for data storage and the transmission of diagnostic data via IO-Link ensure increased system availability. When devices are replaced, the selected configuration is automatically transferred to the new devices, saving users time during commissioning.

Highlights of the Signal Light with IO-Link

  • IO-Link signal light with various functions for a wide variety of applications, from alarms to level monitoring
  • Nine individually customizable segments with different lighting modes
  • 105 dB siren for additional acoustic warning to protect people and equipment in an emergency
  • Uniquely robust: High degree of protection and extended temperature range for use in demanding environmental conditions
  • Easy integration into an IO-Link network via M12 plug connector


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