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Globally standardized LoRaWAN® technology enables efficient, long-range signal transmission

Measuring points widely distributed in outdoor areas, cabling is complex or not feasible, the higher-level control system is already working to capacity or none is available on site: As soon as sensor technology is used outside of clearly defined industrial production environments or additional measurement data is to be subsequently queried in existing systems, such challenges and obstacles arise. With its WILSEN platform, which specializes in M+O (Monitoring+Optimization) sensors, Pepperl+Fuchs provides a remedy and makes the advantages of sophisticated industrial sensor technology available even in the most remote locations and under the most adverse conditions—for example in the areas of:

  • Smart City
  • Smart Logistics
  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Farming

The centerpiece of the platform is the autonomous and wireless WILSEN central unit. This base module with IP66/67 is equipped with a high-performance lithium battery and uses the globally standardized LoRaWAN® technology to transmit its measurement data securely and energy-efficiently over long distances to the internet at adjustable transmission intervals. The central unit also provides GPS information, temperature values, and the battery charge status via LoRaWAN®. In combination with different main sensors, a wide range of applications can be covered. Three variants allow the right M+O sensor solution to be selected for the respective application.

WILSEN.sonic: Smart Monitoring of Fill Levels and Distances

Due to an integrated ultrasonic transducer, the WILSEN.sonic enables the detection of fill levels or distances over a range of 2.5 m, 4 m, or 7 m. It makes use of all the advantages of the ultrasonic principle: material properties, surface structures and colors as well as snow, fog, or dust do not affect the quality of the measurement results. In addition, the cone-shaped propagation of the sound field makes it possible to monitor a larger measuring range than with a point-based sensing principle. The WILSEN.sonic can be adapted to the application conditions with high precision due to the parameterization of the sound beam, a resolution of up to 1 mm, adjustable measuring intervals, and a selectable evaluation algorithm.

Typical Applications

Monitoring fill levels in collection containers, recycling containers or silos, water monitoring in flood protection

WILSEN.valve: Smart Position Detection on Valves

Specially developed for applications in process technology and water management, the WILSEN.valve is used to detect valve positions. It combines signal reliability with simple operation and high flexibility: different types and variants of energy-optimized and correspondingly battery-saving NAMUR and 2-wire low-power DC sensors, such as inductive single or double sensors, can be connected to the central unit via standardized M12 connections. In addition to the valve status, the WILSEN.valve also transmits diagnostic data and fault states such as short circuits or lead breakages. Pepperl+Fuchs also offers a ready-made mounting solution (in accordance with EN-ISO5211) for adapting the system to most valves and fittings on the market. This includes mounting brackets, mounting bases, and complete mounting sets.

Typical Applications

Valve position feedback and end position monitoring of manual valves and manual lever valves in process plants or water management systems

WILSEN.node: Smart Object Presence Detection

The WILSEN.node is the universal all-rounder among the LoRa-based M+O sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs and enables the presence of a wide variety of objects to be detected. For this purpose, a wide range of different types of main sensors can be connected to the two M12 connections on the front. These include energy-optimized inductive and capacitive sensors as well as other NAMUR or 2-wire low-power DC sensors of various types (e.g., float switches or vibration limit switches). This makes the WILSEN.node an excellent solution for many types of retrofit scenarios. Like the WILSEN.valve, the WILSEN.node also transmits diagnostic data or fault states such as lead breakage or short circuit in addition to the actual measurement information.

Typical Applications

Monitoring the closing status of manhole covers, transformer houses, barn doors, or pasture gates

Maximum User Convenience with Downlink Function and Battery Lifetime Calculator

All three WILSEN M+O solutions are designed for maximum user convenience: After integration into a LoRaWAN® network, parameter settings can be conveniently queried or changed via remote access. Pepperl+Fuchs also provides a specially programmed, free web service for this purpose. In this service, downlink payloads can be created as hex codes with just a few clicks and transmitted directly to message queues in the IoT platforms TTN (The Things Network) and ChirpStack (v3 and v4) via the Network API Key. Alternatively, the devices can be parameterized directly on site via Bluetooth® LE using a mobile device app for Android or iOS.

As another helpful component for optimizing battery performance, Pepperl+Fuchs also offers a free, web-based battery lifetime calculator. This tool allows users to calculate the expected battery life of their WILSEN sensors based on a range of parameters.

Highlights of the WILSEN M+O Sensors

  • Rugged wireless sensors, ready for use in harsh environments
  • Globally standardized LoRaWAN® network for efficient, long-range signal transmission
  • Maintenance-free runtimes of several years via high-performance lithium battery with 13,000 mAh
  • Easy device and system configuration due to downlink channel, mobile app, and free web services


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