Modular Lightweight.

VisuNet GXP—up to Zone 1/21 Applications

Designed for Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22: VisuNet GXP

Modular System

Modular System

The VisuNet GXP’s modularity enables fast and simple assembly and replacement of key components in the field. The display unit in two sizes, the computing unit, and the power supply unit are easy to install or to replace. This eases maintenance and enhances the availability of the HMI system and production process. 
Compact Design

Compact Design

Depending on space availability in your plant, you can choose between two display sizes of the VisuNet GXP series. Both versions, the 19” (48 cm) and 21,5” (55 cm), provide a gap-free surface with a complete stainless steel design, so liquids, dirt, and bacteria have no chance to accumulate. Thus, the VisuNet GXP series meet the hygienic requirements of GMP guidelines.
Light Weight Design

Light Weight

Unlike other HMI solutions in Zone 1/21, the VisuNet GXP Remote Monitor is a true lightweight. Due to its weight of less than 23 kg, it offers a great mounting flexibility. Besides the standard panel mounting, several options like pedestal mounting, wall bracket and ceiling mounting options can be used.
RM Shell 5

RM Shell

Equipped with the latest thin client firmware generation RM Shell, the VisuNet GXP can be easily configured and connected via standard Ethernet to the process control system from Zone 1/21 into the safe area. Combined with the new centralized management software VisuNet Control Center, the solution brings the benefits of Industry 4.0 to Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22.

Compact, Modular, and Easy to Maintain

Choose Your Components
The modularity of the VisuNet GXP system is one of its key advantages. The system consists of a display, power supply, and computing unit, which are available in different versions. When the next generation of a component is released, users can replace it themselves to keep the system up to date. This simplifies maintenance and enhances the availability of the HMI system and the processes it supports.
Two Display Versions
The VisuNet GXP comes in two display sizes, perfectly fitting your individual needs and the space availability in your plant. Choose the size that matches your demands: The 21.5” (55 cm) Full HD version supports the most modern widescreen resolution that is used by today’s process control systems. The new compact 19” (48 cm) version uses the XSGA screen resolution that is still used in many process control systems. Having both options allows to pick the right display size that fits to your process control or SCADA project.
Remote Monitor or PC
The VisuNet GXP is available as a remote monitor or as a PC. Remote monitors are equipped with an innovative thin client unit and display the screen of a host pc in hazardous areas. If a stand-alone PC version is needed, the VisuNet GXP is equipped with a powerful computing unit.
Power Supply Unit
The VisuNet GXP is equipped with a robust power supply unit. To cover a broad range of applications, it is available as a DC (18-36 V DC) and an AC (115/230 V AC) version. The power supply is a standalone component and is suitable for wall mounting, but can also be installed inside the surrounding housing, or directly onto the computing unit.

Thin Client Solution with RM Shell

The VisuNet GXP remote monitors are equipped with the latest generation firmware VisuNet RM Shell. It provides easy access and control of process control systems in explosion hazardous areas by using standard Ethernet networking technology. The most recent update supports the latest remote protocol versions, such as RDP 10, VNC, NetC@P, and Citrix.

The latest generation firmware RM Shell 6

Secure and Reliable

RM Shell runs on a Microsoft® Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise operating system. The Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) offered with the new Windows version provides long-term availability of security updates, ensuring a safe and secure system at all times. The security functions of the RM Shell, like password-protected access and the definition of user roles, act as additional safeguards.

Innovative Centralized Management

In combination with the innovative software VisuNet Control Center, RM Shell is an efficient solution for a future-oriented remote management of VisuNet remote monitors and thin clients. With the centralized management functions, users are able to remotely configure, maintain, and monitor their remote monitor or thin client installation. A walk back to the plant to configure remote HMI units is no longer necessary for administrators—they can do everything from one central point.

Powerful Computer Unit

With the 2020 generation of the VisuNet GXP, the computing units are now equipped with powerful Intel® Apollo Lake processors. PC versions of the VisuNet GXP are based on an open Microsoft® Windows® operating system, which offers improved computing power and software flexibility. This allows users to install customized software packages to visualize applications in industrial and hazardous areas.

The PC Unit offers various interfaces.

Various Interfaces

With a variety of available interfaces, the GXP computing unit can be directly connected to a control system or other peripheral devices, reducing the time and money needed for cabling. Whether RS-232, RS-485, or Ethernet, users can choose the appropriate interface for their application. Additional available peripherals help simplify the installation process. The optional fiber optic interfaces, for example, ensure a reliable connection even over longer distances. A great benefit of the fiber optic interface is that it can be connected to standard IT fiber optic switches that are not rated as “optically intrinsically safe” (Ex op is), even from Zone 1/21 areas.

21.5” Display with Full HD Screen

The 21.5” (55 cm) display comes with a Full HD resolution (1920x1080), so it complies to the common widescreen format, guaranteeing compatibility to the aspect ratio and resolution of process images that are designed for modern widescreen operator workstations. Hardened protection glass protects the multi-touch sensor, which allows a touch-optimized user interface, even for use while wearing gloves. The robust and scratch resistant safety glass without any gaps is easily cleaned and perfectly meets the high demands for Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22.

VisuNet GXP 21.5" Display

Compact 19” Display

The newest display unit of the VisuNet GXP family comes in a compact housing and is available as a 19“ (48 cm) version with a 5:4 format. It not only offers a space-saving design, but is also compatible with its predecessor product line, the VisuNet EX1. This means that users can retrofit existing installations easily via a drop in replacement, and are even able to continue using existing keyboards or barcode readers. Just like the larger 21,5" version of the display unit, the 19" model is equipped with a capacitive multi touch sensor which allows touch-optimized user interfaces. 

VisuNet GXP 19" Display

Meeting the Requirements of Industry 4.0

At Pepperl+Fuchs, Industry 4.0 is defined as a complete network of production systems. These systems are characterized by data exchange within the production process, but also with higher-level information systems beyond the company boundaries. This networking of all automation components requires new technologies that enable direct horizontal and vertical access to the information of the production system – all the way down to field devices in explosion-hazardous areas. This means communication along the process chain, in higher-level information systems such as MES or ERP and, at the same time, direct access down to field level.

The new Pepperl+Fuchs VisuNet GXP with the innovative firmware VisuNet RM Shell lets you harness the power of Industry 4.0. For the first time, the smart human-machine interface system enables communication within the production process and direct access to the sensor across all hierarchical levels, including in explosion hazardous areas.

Ex Protection 4.0

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