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VisuNet operator workstations are an extension of control room connectivity out in the field. They are engineered to endure the harsh, unyielding environment of the plant floor. Access in the field saves time and prevents process upsets. The leveraging of desktop PCs for automation control is very common and has grown exponentially in recent years due to a few leading factors:

  • Complex processes can be displayed in much greater detail and laid out more clearly on larger monitors 

  • Affordable electronics 

  • Better processing speed for high-end graphics desired by machine builders 

  • Windows®-based open software systems offer the greatest flexibility and integration while improving learning curves

Each operator workstation has been optimized to perform under harsh and difficult conditions with wide temperature ranges, shock and vibration resistance, and overall ruggedization to stand up to the grimy, wet conditions commonly found in oil and gas, food processing, or chemical facilities.