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Central Platform

We support you from the very beginning—from configuration to troubleshooting: You receive individually pre-configured devices that are ready for use immediately after delivery. Commissioning, management and analysis of mobile devices is carried out conveniently from a central platform. All software updates can be rolled out worldwide at the same time.
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Improved Quality

With the new platform, all devices can be configured and managed, preventing error-prone manual processes. The ability to evaluate live and historical data at any time ensures consistently high data quality as well as reliable and optimal functioning of the mobile devices.
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Real-Time Diagnostics

If required, real-time operational data and error logs can be collected from mobile devices, allowing you to monitor the status of your devices anytime, anywhere. This helps detect faults quickly and fix them at an early stage.
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High Security Standard

Security-critical processes such as critical software events can be analyzed and tracked via the platform, for example to establish early correlations between software errors, geographical data and WiFi coverage. The hosting of the cloud servers in Germany meets the highest data protection standards—so you benefit from high availability and security of your data!

Easy Configuration and Intuitive Mobile Device Management

The Digital Products and Services online portal of the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom combines automated staging with mobile device management and a real-time monitoring function on a single platform. At the customer’s request, the platform can serve as a fully-fledged system for mobile device management that allows for remote and simultaneous device management on a global scale. Mobile devices are delivered with pre-configurations according to individual customer requirements and are ready for use immediately after delivery. Updates can be performed via the online platform every time and during operation, without having to involve local IT departments or to sending the devices to headquarters. Analyzing historical and real-time data is possible at any time. This analysis function provides companies with a comprehensive insight into processes and quickly reveals faulty or safety-critical procedures or interactions. 

You get a complete ready-to-use service that guarantees consistent quality and safety for all devices in your company. This not only saves time, but also valuable resources!

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Learn More About Our Ready-to-Use Service

Smartphones, tablets and digital workflows have become an integral part of modern working environments. Watch the video to learn more about our ready-to-use service, supporting you from the individual configuration of your devices to diagnostics and ensuring consistently high quality and security.

In our video, technical sales specialist Christopher Limbrunner presents the online platform for digital products and services that can be used as a full-fledged enterprise mobility management system. On top of that, users can chose from various applications such as apps for barcode scanning or for basic lone worker protection that facilitate their day-to-day work.

Insights from the Mobile Devices and Services Experts

Watch the keynote speech and learn about the key applications for intrinsically safe mobile devices and how digital services help improve device data quality, transparency, and security.

As the global market leader for intrinsically safe mobile devices, we support our customers from configuration and management to the evaluation of (real-time) device data. Immerse yourself in our mobile worker solutions and learn how to improve data quality, productivity, and employee safety!

Using (rugged) smartphones, tablets, and the surrounding infrastructure in our private and professional spheres gives us the benefit of increased efficiency, information availability, and improved safety. In this panel discussion, Marco Kuhn, Roolf Wessels, and Jörg Hartleb from ecom instruments GmbH share knowledge and experience about mobile devices and services.

Staging and Enrolling

If desired, mobile devices can leave the factory with individual default settings, such as customized security settings, application software and a WiFi connection that is already set up. This staging service allows devices to be deployed anywhere in the world immediately upon delivery. When purchasing a large number of new devices, companies can save time on cumbersome manual, often error-prone, configurations.

This helps guarantee a uniform (security) standard and high quality of all devices from the moment of delivery. The settings of one mobile device can serve as a "golden sample" that can be easily transferred to other devices and reproduced in the event of resets or repairs.

staging and enrolling

Configuration and Management

configuration and management

Mobile Device Management

The Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution as the core of the platform enables the configuration of advanced settings as well as the online management of devices and individual user profiles. Small and medium-sized companies can use the tool as an instant-on solution for managing their mobile devices, while for large companies, the MDM software simplifies the management of company-owned devices for third-party companies. Required apps, WiFi, Email and VPN settings of the entire device pool can be defined completely remotely. In addition to viewing the device status and an optional location tracking function, there is also the option of locking or completely resetting devices as required.

Mobile Application Management
Mobile Content Management
Mobile Identity Management
mobile application management

Mobile Application Management

This functional area allows you to deploy, manage and secure apps on devices: App distribution can take the form of direct push notification to the mobile device or publication in the company's own app store.

Analysis and Diagnostics

analysis and diagnostics

Tools specially developed for analysis and diagnosis provide continuous information about the device status. If problems occur, the diagnostic data determined can be provided to the support team so that problems can be identified and rectified promptly. The two tools eDIAGNOSTICS and eANALYTICS (from 12/2020) are available for this purpose.

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