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Persberichten 2018

Logo SPS IPC Drives Persmap SPS IPC Drives (Afdeling Procesautomatisering, Engels)

Deze persmap bevat communiqués over de PROFINET-gateway die apparaat- en procesgegevens naadloos integreert, de featurephone- en tabletseries, en het nieuwe Ex pzc/Type Z-purgesysteem van de Bebco EPS® 7500-serie.

(november 2018)

Logo SPS IPC Drives Persmap SPS IPC Drives (Afdeling Fabrieksautomatisering, Engels)

Deze persmap bevat artikels over hoe IO-Link op weg is dé mondiale standaard voor Industrie 4.0 te worden, over de R200 en R201 foto-elektrische sensoren, het 2D PXV-positioneringssysteem, de ondersteuning van onderhoudsprocessen met RFID en Industrie 4.0-technologieën in een “Solutions Park”.

(november 2018)

Handshake SAP and Pepperl+Fuchs Strengthen Their IoT Cooperation in the Process Industry

SAP and Pepperl+Fuchs are planning to strengthen their IoT cooperation in the process industry. This was announced by the two companies at the ACHEMA trade fair in Frankfurt. The cooperation includes coordinated development of joint solutions, as well as sales and implementation.

(June 2018)

Achema Logo Press Kit ACHEMA 2018 (Division Process Automation, English)

This press kit contains releases on condition monitoring and predictive maintenance with innovative industry 4.0 applications, an innovative GRP Enclosure Series for electrical explosion protection, the expanded and updated VisuNet Modular Monitor System, mobile real-time solutions by ecom, safety relays with diagnostics and the future-oriented interface PROFINET gateway.

(June 2018)

ACHEMA 2018 Press Kit ACHEMA 2018 (Division Factory Automation, English)

This press kit contains releases on valve position monitoring with the F31K2, an aligned cable protection system, and the F25, the compact open solution for valve position feedback on small valve actuators and manual valves.

(June 2018)

HANNOVER MESSE Logo Press Kit HANNOVER MESSE 2018 (Division Process Automation, Englisch)

This press kit contains releases on new K-System safety relays with diagnostic function, line fault transparency and dual redundancy, the ruggedized industrial tablet Tab-Ex 02® from the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom, and configuration and delivery options for terminal boxes and local control units.

(April 2018, Press-Kit-HMI-2018-PF-PA-ENG)

HANNOVER MESSE Logo Press Kit HANNOVER MESSE 2018 (Division Factory Automation, English)

This press kit contains releases on new optical sensors for longer operating distances, absolute positioning systems for safety applications, I4.0 solutions for day-to-day production, new RFID read/write heads with IO-Link, and IO-Link from Pepperl+Fuchs in general.

(April 2018, Press-Kit-HMI2018-PF-FA-ENG)

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