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Die Cutting

Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide variety of sensors for your die cutting applications.

Safety light curtains are used for safety protection at the stackers. Various ultrasonic sensor solutions are applied for pallet positioning, pallet detection and double sheet detection. For fast and accurate sheet alignment miniature photoelectric sensors detect a wide variety of media.

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1 - Operator Safety Protection 2 - Pallet Detection 3 - Double Sheet Detection/Sheet Alignment 4 - Stack Limit Detection 5 - Stack Height Monitoring



Operator Safety Protection

Sensor Solution:
Safety light curtains SLCS, SLCT, SLP, SafeBox 

Customer Benefits:

  • Safety light curtains detect entry into hazardous areas
  • Safety categories 2 and 4
  • Narrow beams provide immunity to interference from reflective surfaces
  • SafeBox modular safety controller connects all safety components into one unit

Pallet Detection

Sensor Solution:
Distance measurement devices UB500-18gM, UB500-F54, UC500-L2, VdM28

Customer Benefits:

  • Precise detection of position regardless of pallet color or finish
  • Analog and discrete outputs
  • Ultrasonic and photoelectric solutions

Double Sheet Detection

Sensor Solution:
Ultrasonic sensors UDC-18GM

Customer Benefits:

  • Identifies zero, one, or multiple (overlapping) sheets
  • Fast response time
  • Extremely wide media spectrum, including fine papers, transparencies, cardboard, glossy surfaces, and metal foils

Sheet Alignment (Front Lay, Side Lay)

Sensor Solution:
Diffuse mode sensors ML10, KT10, ML4.2

Customer Benefits:

  • Fast and accurate detection of a wide variety of media
  • Small black-to-white difference with superior background suppression
  • Wide variety of sensor styles for use in tight spaces
  • Protected against paper dust and vibration
  • 4-in-1 output minimizes inventory

Stack Limit Detection

Sensor Solution:
Inductive sensors VariKont

Customer Benefits:

  • Reliable detection of stack lift limit
  • Insensitive to paper dust and lubricants
  • Compact housing, wear-free detection

Stack Height Monitoring

Sensor Solution:
Thru-beam sensors ML4.2, MLV41, MLV12

Customer Benefits:

  • Reliable detection due to small black-to-white difference
  • Small, sharp light beam
  • 4-in-1 output
  • Antistatic lens repels paper dust