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Flameproof Local Control Units


Reliable switching and signaling in explosion hazardous areas

Each Local Control Unit by Pepperl+Fuchs comes with a solid housing
Each Local Control Unit by Pepperl+Fuchs comes with a solid housing

With flameproof local control units from Pepperl+Fuchs you are as close to your process as possible. Although today’s production plants are highly automated and DCS controlled, you still need local control and monitoring.

The flameproof devices are absolute specialists when it comes to the requirements of switching and monitoring in harsh industrial environments. All local control units from Pepperl+Fuchs feature certifications for the explosion hazardous areas Zone 1/21 (Ex d IIC for gas atmospheres and Ex tb IIIC for dust environments).

Local control stations with solid housings

For use in rugged industrial areas you expect the housing of your local control unit to be as robust, resilient, and durable as possible. The foundation of our product range is formed by solid and compact flameproof enclosures. Whether they are made of aluminium alloy or cast iron – each one of them is finished with a high-quality paint that withstands the harshest environments.

In addition to durability, the housing design of our local control units focuses on:

  • Space-efficiency
  • Quick installation
  • Easy connection of wiring

Many possibilities – customize your own local control unit

Switches and push buttons
A broad selection of operators is available for your applications, starting with rotary switches. They are available as OFF/ON or changeover switches in various configurations and with appropriate labeling. Purchase your push button and indicator lamp units in either single or double versions. Lamps and push buttons come in different colors, with double function unit operators. Lights and push buttons can be combined freely.

Emergency push buttons
Our switching units are completed by emergency mushroom push buttons, featuring different colors, contact configurations, and latching options. Variants with breaking glass or key release are also available. You can also adapt the labeling to the specific needs of the application.

Safety and monitoring
Safety of electrical circuits is supported by fuse units featuring various fuse ratings and pole configurations. In terms of monitoring, flameproof enclosed photocells and ammeters complement the product range, the latter has several power ranges and scales; transformers can be included in case of high currents.

The reliable housing solution for your individual process

You need to use specific instrumentation which is mandatory, but not designed for use in hazardous areas? The versatile range of instrument housings offers a functional solution for this challenge: all versions and sizes of our flameproof enclosures can be configured with operating and monitoring elements to fit your plant control needs exactly. Various sizes and window configurations allow you to adapt devices such as thermocouples, RTDs, transmitters, and all kinds of electronic cards. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the available options.