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Innovations for Industry 4.0 Applications

Integrated Communication

Field devices in process plants gather valuable additional data on their own condition and environment. Until now, this information could rarely be used due to a lack of continuous communication channels from the field to the control room.

But Industry 4.0 approaches like condition monitoring and predictive maintenance require this information. This is why we joined with partners to develop solutions that make this data available—whether in the control room, in cloud-based systems, or even on mobile devices. 

Ethernet for the Process Plant Shop Floor

In process automation, continuous communication via Ethernet down to the field level is still no more than just a scenario. Together with other companies, Pepperl+Fuchs is jointly developing an "Advanced Physical Layer" (APL) to make Ethernet usable for demanding tasks in the process industry. This physical layer allows continuous, transparent communication across all hierarchy levels and makes Ethernet available in every corner of a process plant.

With a transmission rate of 10 Mbit/s, Ethernet is much faster than HART, allowing it to handle the large data volumes that go hand in hand with Industry 4.0. The robust wire can cover distances of up to 2000 m while supplying field devices in Zone 0/Div. 1 hazardous areas with power. 

Read more about Ethernet in the field of your process plant …

More Data, Added Value

In close collaboration with field device manufacturers, Pepperl+Fuchs is developing solutions that make additional data centrally available, creating additional communication channels parallel to the 4 ... 20 mA current loop. For example, the BULLET WirelessHART adapter enables valuable data from field devices to be transferred via a gateway to the cloud. This data can also be transferred via Remote I/O.

The interplay of Pepperl+Fuchs components and innovative software and cloud solutions from our partners enables predictive maintenance by allowing you to identify device maintenance requirements in advance. 

Cloud Solutions from Neoception

The Pepperl+Fuchs subsidiary Neoception develops innovative software solutions and industrial IoT services that are specially tailored to our customers' individual business processes and requirements. Neoception solutions allow field devices to be smoothly integrated into existing IT infrastructures with real-time cloud access to parameters. This central availability of field device data allows remote monitoring and custom analysis of processes, so existing processes can be optimized and potentials can be identified. For field device integration, users do not need specialized knowledge of the transfer technology--they can focus on selecting and analyzing their parameters. 

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Cloud Solutions from Neoception

Industry 4.0 on the Move

With explosion-proof mobile devices from ecom, a Pepperl+Fuchs brand, data is even available on the move. Whether you have it on your smartphone or on your tablet, always be connected and take your process data anywhere.

The rugged new Tab-Ex® 02 tablet series is tailored to the requirements of your process plant. With innovative features like an augmented reality app, it simplifies the daily tasks of mobile workers.

ecom tablet series Tab-Ex 02

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