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R2000 Series 2-D Laser Scanner  (2-D LiDAR Sensor)

Features of R2000 Series

Innovative Pulse Ranging Technology

Innovative Pulse Ranging Technology

Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) provides extremely precise measurements and short response times in various ambient and object conditions. Benefit from the most accurate industrial-grade distance measuring process!
Detection of Tiny Objects

Detection of Tiny Objects

A sharp light spot in combination with a high angular resolution allows precise edge detection and detection of tiny objects from one millimeter and up. Monitor and detect with maximum precision!
360° All-Around Visibility

360° All-Around Visibility

With its 360° measurement angle, the R2000 2-D laser scanners offer an all-round visibility. No need to implement multiple sensors. Keep an eye on your environment!
Interactive Display

Interactive Display

The interactive display provides text and graphical information. Basic settings can be made directly on the device and diagnostic information is displayed during operation. The R2000 series is easy to handle!

Photoelectric Sensors by Pepperl+Fuchs—A Distance Ahead

Photoelectric Sensors by Pepperl+Fuchs—A Distance Ahead

The new generation of photoelectric sensors combines standard sensors with the latest measuring methods. Equipped with innovative Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT), the R2000 2-D laser scanners (also known as 2-D LiDAR sensors) provide reliable and extremely precise measuring results—with a gapless all-around visibility of 360°.

One series, multiple versions:

  • R2000 Detection laser scanner for demanding field monitoring applications
  • R2000 UHD (Ultra High Density) laser scanner for complex measuring tasks and navigation
  • R2000 HD (High Density) laser scanner for object profiling and robotic applications

360° - Discover the R2000 Series

Versatile Applications

Precise measurement, reliable detection, consistent performance—characterizes the R2000 2-D laser scanners (2-D LiDAR sensors). Due to their unique features, they offer an absolutely reliable object detection even under difficult conditions. Watch the video and find out how these photoelectric sensors ensure a smooth process flow in various applications.

Ensure Reliable Processes

The switching scanner R2000 Detection avoids collisions with protruding parts.
With an angular resolution of up to 0.071°—the highest of any digital I/O scanner on the market—the R2000 Detection scanner easily detects extremely small objects. The switching scanner avoids collisions with protruding parts on a stacker crane or suspended conveyor systems.
The R2000 Detection 2D laser scanner reliably recognizes broken pallets
Defective pallets can lead to collisions during automatic compartment assignment in high-bay warehouses, causing major property damage. Due to its extra plane scanning axis, the R2000 Detection scanner reliably detects and displays even small fragments or broken pallets.
Due to its rapid scan rate of 50 Hz, the measuring laser scanner is the ideal solution for high-speed applications like in robotics.
The R2000 HD measurement sensor is the ideal solution for robotics tasks. With 84,000 scan points per second and an optimized angular resolution down to 0.043°, the sensor meets the requirements of typical robotic applications.
The R2000 UHD laser scanner provides accurate distance data in dynamic applications such as for the navigation of automated guided vehicles.
The R2000 UHD laser scanner provides accurate distance data in dynamic applications such as in the navigation of automated guided vehicles. It precisely navigates up to 200 m with reflectors as small as 40 mm.

2-D LiDAR Sensors Products

Sensorik4.0®—Connected Customization with 2-D LiDAR Sensors

This application demonstrates how customer requirements can be flexibly and individually implemented in production. Intelligent multi-sensor systems with our R2000 2-D LiDAR sensors can precisely scan object contours and merge the data into a 3-D point cloud. The three-dimensional image of the scanned object is then made available in the NeoNeon cloud in a standardized format within a few seconds, so other systems can process the data immediately. At HANNOVER MESSE, the system was waiting to scan fair visitors. Produced in batch size 1, the digital portrait was then the visitor’s to take home. 

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