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Safety Switches+Enabling Switches

Monitoring protective devices

A series of regulations, standards and laws relating to safety precautions must be observed when machines are operated. The installation of protective devices in dangerous environments is therefore mandatory. Our door monitoring safety concept was developed to identify and assess the state of these protective devices via the AS-Interface. A comprehensive range of safety switches and corresponding accessories is available for a wide variety of applications.

Electromechanical safety switches

Electromechanical safety switches
Electromechanical safety switches

You can use safety switches with a separate actuator to monitor protective isolating devices on sliding doors, swing doors or detachable paneling, for example. These safety switches are also available with guard locking to actively prevent a protective device from being opened.

Electronic safety switches

Electronic safety switches
Electronic safety switches

We offer solutions for protective doors with a small radius, large doors with tolerances and doors exposed to vibrations. Available monitoring devices include mechanical switches, reed switches and transponder systems.

If personnel need to enter an area secured by protective devices while the machine is running in inching mode, for example, an enabling switch must be used.

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