IoT Sensor for Smart Fill Level Management


Industrial Use

IoT Ultrasonic Sensors for Industrial Use

The WILSEN.sonic.level battery-operated IoT ultrasonic sensor from Pepperl+Fuchs has been developed according to industrial requirements. It records the fill level and the geoposition of the containers in which it is installed, and transmits this data securely to the internet.
Device Management

Convenient Device Management via Mobile Device App

Using an easy-to-use mobile device app for Android and iOS, the WILSEN.sonic.level can be configured for its intended purpose at the operating location via Bluetooth® LE.
System Flexibility

Standardized LPWAN Technology for High System Flexibility

The use of standardized low-power radio technologies such as LoRaWAN® gives the user the freedom to choose the best software solution for their needs.
Market Leader

Ultrasound Expertise from the Market Leader

Pepperl+Fuchs is a market leader in the field of industrial ultrasonic sensors. Our portfolio includes a wide range of standard sensors. We are also able to make project-related customizations for individual customers.
Pepperl+Fuchs is a member of the LoRa Alliance®

Optimize your Business Processes with Sensors for the Internet of Things

Wireless IoT sensors make containers, tanks, and silos smart. The WILSEN.sonic.level battery-operated wireless level sensor is used primarily in the smart city, smart logistics, smart farming, and smart environment sectors. The sensor parameters allow it to be adjusted for a very diverse range of installation conditions and for detecting different materials.

The standardized LoRaWAN® technology allows the sensor to autonomously transmit the relevant data over a range of many kilometers for several years. The WILSEN.sonic.level therefore combines all of the important properties required in challenging industrial application scenarios with the connectivity and manageability of an IoT sensor.

As a member of the LoRa Alliance®, Pepperl+Fuchs is commited to delivering product interoperability and worldwide deployment of this technology.

The IoT System

The IoT System

In addition to the sensors and data transmission, an IoT sensor system also consists of the receiving point for the sensor data on the Internet. In LoRaWAN® systems, the gateway is responsible for translating the sensor data into an Ethernet-capable protocol.

It sends the converted information to the LoRa network server. This first decrypts the information and then forwards it to the relevant application server. There, the sensor data is initially processed and transmitted to an IoT platform, where it is graphically displayed and analyzed in more detail.

The WILSEN.sonic.level sensors are conveniently parameterized using a mobile device app for their optimal use in the application on site.

How Does It Work?

The IoT Sensor

IoT Sensor WILSEN.sonic.level


The WILSEN.sonic.level transmits more than just fill level data. GPS data from the sensor allows containers to be tracked, while further information such as temperature values and battery charge status allows for predictive maintenance.

Mobile Device App

The WILSEN.sonic.level eliminates the need to laboriously adjust individual sensors via push buttons since parameterization and network registration are carried out on the mobile device using an app for Android and iOS via Bluetooth® LE.


The WILSEN.sonic.level is not tied to specific systems—it can be integrated into any LoRaWAN® network. It is easy to use vendor-independent software and quickly develop and customize IoT solutions.

Industrial Use

Its suitability for industrial use sets the WILSEN.sonic.level apart from other IoT sensors—it has a rugged housing with IP66/67 protection and can also be used outdoors at temperatures of -25 °C … +70 °C.

Smart Environment

The wireless sensor WILSEN.sonic.level monitors fill levels of rivers, lakes and flood basins. It transmits additional information such as temperature, geolocation and battery status even across many kilometres helping to better protect against flooding.


Smart Farming

Modern agriculture supplies both food and energy. The WILSEN.sonic.level helps farmers to remotely monitor fill level of distributed feed silos or the pit of a biogas plant. By using such an IoT system, it relieves the farmer of inspection rounds and creates space for important tasks in his efficient operation.

Smart Logistics

Smart Logistics

Efficient supply chains in a globalized world must not run out of raw materials and supplies. The WILSEN.sonic.level helps to determine the fill level in tanks or silos and gives the supplier the opportunity to offer their customers a supply logistics system that is tailored to their needs.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

The demands placed on cities and municipalities to provide citizens with convenient, environmentally friendly living arrangements are increasing. The WILSEN.sonic.level enables intelligent disposal management, in which the filling levels of used glass, old clothes, and recyclables containers are monitored remotely so that the containers are only collected once filled to a set amount.

LoRa Topologies

LoRa Technology

Numerous Advantages for Your Applications

LoRa technology features a number of advantages that are especially suitable for use with IoT sensors such as the WILSEN.sonic.level:

  • Connection of devices up to 15 km away; can penetrate building walls
  • Global availability and vendor independence for quick deployment of IoT applications
  • Minimal power use during transmission, meaning that a sensor can function for years without changing the battery
  • Data transfer via radio, therefore no sensor cabling requirements
  • High security and integrity thanks to authentication and end-to-end encryption
  • Low operating costs due to use of a license-free frequency band

These properties mean that LoRa can be used to create very large wireless networks to implement applications for cities and municipalities. It can also be used to set up cost-effective private networks on company premises. The diagram on the right shows the topological differences of the versions.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of LoRaWAN®, feel free to read our online article: