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Digital Kanban Management


End-to-End Digitalization

End-to-End Digitalization

The first solution on the market to offer a holistic approach to digitalizing Kanban racks.
Optimized Processes

Optimized Processes

The put-to-light assistance system makes it easier to find materials, while current stock level reports enable ongoing inventory.
Increased Flexibility

Increased Flexibility

Comprehensive digital information drives cost-effective workflows for a wide variety of product versions.
Custom-Fit Solutions

Custom-Fit Solutions

Whether at brownfield sites or in greenfield projects: with our knowledge in OT and IT, we can design solutions that exactly suit your individual needs.
End-to-End Digitalization
The digital Kanban management system is the first solution on the market to offer a complete digital image of physical Kanban racks. As soon as an employee removes a small load carrier from the rack, the material withdrawal is recorded in real time and reordering is triggered. The error-prone, manual process of moving individual Kanban cards is no longer necessary, reordering cycles are shorter, and purchasing processes can be controlled more effectively.
Optimized Processes
Easy-to-understand put-to-light visualizations from the digital Kanban management system eliminate time-consuming search processes and shelf-loading errors. In addition, automated recording of small load carrier withdrawals means that the manual empty messages common to conventional Kanban systems are no longer required. Withdrawals are recorded immediately and automatically. Real-time information about the stock in the racks enables ongoing inventory, and containers and materials can be located easily at all times.
Increased Flexibility
The digital Kanban management system considerably increases cost-effectiveness for a wide variety of product versions. Stock levels and requirements can be synchronized in real time, regardless of location, thereby optimizing intralogistics processes and storage. At the same time, this completely eliminates the static process of allocating materials to racks and the associated administrative cost. The system offers the best level of scalability on the market. Production lines can thus be converted as required and easily expanded based on the modular structure.
Custom-Fit Solutions
The digital Kanban management system is the ideal basis for greenfield projects or retrofitting brownfield environments. The required hardware comprises a single-source component kit with all the components for digitalizing a Kanban rack. The software is designed for maximum interoperability with various IoT platforms and ERP or MES systems. Combined with our extensive knowledge in OT and IT environments, we design Kanban management solutions that exactly suit your individual needs.

A Clever Kanban Software Service

Software Integration

The software developed by Neoception provides the central logic for reading and aggregating local sensor data. Using smart pattern recognition, the software determines whether, when, and how a box movement occurred on the different tracks of the Kanban rack. Shorter, unintentional activations are carefully filtered and ignored. The higher-level software system is informed only when clear-cut events have been identified. The Kanban service controls the RFID read heads and the LEDs.

In addition to operational functionalities, the service includes an online interface for simple hardware setup, operation monitoring, and debugging. Updates are quick, secure, and can be implemented via direct access to the main controller. Continuous checks on the functionality of all components enables comprehensive condition monitoring, the results of which are visualized as operating states via the stack light.

How Does the System Work?

Full Rack Control

Lane Control

When it comes to providing in-depth information, the digital Kanban management system is far superior to conventional solutions: Each rack is fitted with a component kit comprising a photoelectric light strip, a dedicated rack controller, and an LED module for visualizing the put-to-light instructions.

Individual visual background suppressors are fitted to the specially developed sensor bar, which is available in different lengths. The background suppressors detect patterns in the software almost in real time. These patterns make it possible to draw conclusions about the movements in the racks. Based on this information, the LED module uses colored signals to indicate to the operator whether or not the box has been placed on the correct track.

The familiar AS-Interface flat cable with piercing technology enables operators to connect the racks quickly and flexibly.

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