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Ready to Hit the Road—Inductive Proximity Switches with E1 Approval for Mobile Equipment


Inductive Proximity Switches with E1 Approval for Mobile Equipment
Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide range of inductive sensors with E1 approval for mobile machines and vehicles …

Whether it's harvesting machines,excavators, dump trucks, or mobile cranes—versatile and durable solutions are needed for vehicles that are equipped with sensing technologies to enhance safety or efficiency.  And it is a true benefit for mobile equipment manufacturers when they can get a comprehensive portfolio of ruggedized devices from a single source.

For these scenarios, Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide range of sensors, PUR cordsets, and connectors (e.g., DT and AMP style). A building block of this selection is special inductive sensors in cylindrical housings: they underscore decades of experience from the inventors of the proximity switch and are specially tailored to the needs of mobile applications.

Fully encapsulated inductive sensors

Special DT connectors from Pepperl+Fuchs enable robust sensor connections.
Special DT connectors from Pepperl+Fuchs enable robust sensor connections.

This specialization is backed by a comprehensive E1 type approval, a rigorous European certification that allows operation of the inductive sensors on public roads in many parts of the world. The basis of their high durability is a full encapsulation with a cast resin specially made for mobile applications. Due to this robust design, the sensors have an outstanding shock and vibration resistance and a seal that exceeds degree of protection IP68.

An extended temperature range of -40 °C … +85 °C makes the sensors suitable for global operation in all environments, and these proximity switches clearly top the E1 requirements in regard to EMC standards. In addition to external sources, an in-house test laboratory assures quality far beyond the product norm. So customers get highly reliable components that are well equipped for the wear and tear of daily outdoor operation.

Dependable sensors with low voltage demand

In addition to their design advantages, E1 certified sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs also outperform competitor products with their electrical operational safety: when higher electrical loads on vehicles are switched on (e.g., aerial ladders or rope winches), standard sensors frequently suffer from voltage dips, causing unreliable switching signals or even total sensor failure.

Industry specific inductive proximity sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs are unaffected because they need a minimum voltage of just 5 V. This allows reliable operation in mobile equipment applications where the available power source is often only a conventional vehicle battery.

-EI output stage opens up new diagnostic capabilities for 3-wire sensors.

As an additional, innovative feature, some sensors in our inductive portfolio offer a high-performance output stage—for the first time enabling detection of cable breaks and short circuits in 3-wire sensors. Even the normally non-detectable (for undamped sensors) output wire can be monitored with this output stage.

This increased diagnostic capability simplifies electrical maintenance work on mobile machinery. Integration of the sensors into proprietary control systems is done quickly due to easy-to-evaluate current values. Connection is established via conventional 3-wire cables—saving costs compared to more expensive bus or 4-wire cables.


  • Maximum mechanical and electrical durability for reliable operation even in the harshest outdoor conditions
  • Optimized for mobile equipment—and with E1 type approval, a rigorous European certification for use on public roads
  • An extensive portfolio complemented by application-specific solutions makes it easy to find the perfect sensor
  • The highest quality standards: internal test criteria that far exceed standard requirements
  • Sensors with -EI functionality: enhanced diagnostics with ability to detect cable breaks and short circuits—a first for a 3-wire sensor
  • Sensors with -EI functionality: easy-to-evaluate current value simplifies integration and retrofitting of proprietary systems


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