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Visor-Ex® 01 is a unique smart glasses–smartphone solution of the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom. It was designed to provide mobile workers with comprehensive information and mobile communication devices for on-site work and training within the work environment of a digital enterprise. Industrial grade Visor-Ex® 01 is the combination of a set of smart glasses, including a pocket unit, and the versatile intrinsically safe smartphone Smart-Ex® 02. While service technicians are checking plant equipment they can anytime connect to expert support and get immediate access to digital documents.

One important feature of Visor-Ex® 01 may be described as "See What I See": two centered built-in cameras allow everyone in the team to see exactly the portrait view the on-site technician sees. This not only supports mutual troubleshooting within a team. It also allows reliable repair and maintenance procedures under the guidance and direction of remote experts–this means 24/7 remote support, fast response times and remarkably increased plant availability


Smart-Ex® 02

With Visor-Ex® 01, mobile workers enter a totally new world of on-site work and training wiht digitally assisted workflows and remote collaboration. Learn more about this industrial grade, IIoT–ready technology for future challenges.....

Smart-Ex® 02 smartphone

With its large 5-inch display, ergonomic design, advanced features, and optimized accessories, the intrinsically safe Smart-Ex 02 smartphone can improve processes in hazardous areas and harsh environments across the globe ...