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SafeBox safety control units are modularly constructed so that up to eight components can be connected to a single control unit. Depending upon application requirements, existing solutions are expanded by connecting additional function modules via DIP switches. These function modules offer functions such as start/restart interlock, muting, override, or emergency stop.

The SafeBox is suitable as a controller for SLA-type thru-beam sensors or as a connection device for protective equipment such as safety light curtains, safety switches, or emergency stop buttons. Safety requirements up to performance level e, Cat. 4, and SIL 3 are met.

Configuration and position of the channels are recognized autonomously—SafeBox safety control units require no additional software programming. This significantly simplifies installation of these safety sensors. 

SafeBox safety control units at a glance

  • Function modules selectable via DIP switches open up additional applications
  • Highest safety requirements to performance level e, Cat. 4, and SIL 3
  • Software-free configuration and commissioning


  • Applications where increased risk of injury to personnel is present
  • Access and danger area protections for pallet systems, robots, wood processing machines, packaging machines, overhead warehouse shelves, and machinery lines. 

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