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Magnetic Precision in Robotics - The New ENA36IL Magnetic Rotary Encoder

The new Pepperl+Fuchs` magnetic rotary ensure a high degree of accuracy.
The new Pepperl+Fuchs` magnetic rotary ensure a high degree of accuracy.

Industrial robots need to operate with a high degree of precision, often under tough conditions. The new Pepperl+Fuchs` magnetic rotary encoders are the perfect solution in this environment. They monitor the position and speed of robot arms at a precision of 0.1° while being extremely robust and compact.

Maximum precision in the production process

Industrial robots are a familiar part of everyday life in manufacturing and logistics. They assemble circuit boards, load goods onto pallets, operate lasers, weld and cut metal, and lift parts weighing tons. These applications demand a high degree of accuracy.

The new ENA36IL magnetic rotary encoder brings robustness and accuracy together in a compact design while ensuring reliability in the production process.

Complex processes require the movements of the robot axes to be precisely calibrated with one another. Each axis is driven by its own motor. Rotations are monitored by sensors and their signals are evaluated by the controller. "Until now, robot manufacturers had to choose between sensors that were accurate, compact, or robust," explains Stefan Horvatic, Product Manager for Rotary Encoders at Pepperl+Fuchs. "Resolvers or conventional magnetic sensors are fairly insensitive and compact but are not very accurate. High-precision optical rotary encoders on the other hand can react badly to dust, vibrations, or temperature fluctuations. The new Pepperl+Fuchs` magnetic rotary encoders finally solve this dilemma. They achieve a precision of up to 0.1° and resolutions up to 16 bits while being extremely robust."

The Ultimate Combination

The new magnetic rotary encoders combine two electromagnetic principles—the Hall effect and the Wiegand effect. This wear-free technology ensures a high level of reliability and robustness, even under extreme conditions. Due to the Wiegand effect, energy is always available. Thus, even in case of a power failure the magnetic rotary encoder offers complete data security. After malfunction, the controller obtains the exact position of the axes and completes the initiated action with precision. Additionally, the compact housing design of the rotary encoder opens up a wide range of application options in industrial manufacturing processes.

Highlights at a glance

  • Non-contact technology for high reliability 
  • High precision from 1° to 0.1° 
  • Robust design for applications in harsh environments 
  • Long service life and reduced service times 
  • Compact design for many applications