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GR Series: New Glass-fiber Reinforced Enclosure Series


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Your Solution for Hazardous Areas

The new GR enclosure series, which is developed for customized solutions with increased safety (Ex e) and intrinsically-safe (Ex i) type of protection, is available for various products of our portfolio—including certification for global use in your plant.
GR Series Enclosure Design

Intelligent Design

During the design stage, the free placement of the DIN rail with no need for a mounting base enables you to incorporate a higher number of components and functions into one of the 13 enclosure types.
Use in Temperatures of up to -60° C.

Expanded Temperature Range

Extremely rugged GR series GRP enclosures withstand temperatures down to -60 °C. Beyond versatility this enclosure series can serve in place of stainless steel housings in many applications.
Easy handling

Handling Made Easy

Cleverly designed features enable convenient one-person mounting, maintenance, and flexible extensions—this saves time and makes handling much easier! 

One Enclosure, Numerous Applications—The New GR Series

Pepperl+Fuchs has pioneered work in completely re-designing the GR series made of glass-fiber reinforced polyester for customized solutions in increased safety (Ex e) and intrinsically-safe (Ex i) type of protection. Based on years of experience in electrical explosion protection, many of the functions were updated and cast into a new design—allowing an uncompromised use in diverse applications.

Design Grid Enables Many Different Configurations
Any electrical apparatus as well as the required installation equipment such as terminals and switching elements installs at the required heights on a 10 mm DIN rail mounting grid—without the need for an additional mounting plate. A selection of 13 enclosure types with different sizes from of 10x10x07 cm to 48x60x24 cm or 36x72x24 cm is available for individual configuration.
Protection of the Sealing Edge Ensures Durable IP Protection
A unique feature is the integrated protective up stand, which protects the sealing edge from damage even when open enclosures are stacked, during installation, re-wiring and plant upkeep. This is stable IP protection by design.
Screwdriver Pry Points Simplify Handling
Screwdriver pry points enable easy opening of the enclosure cover, even if it’s stuck after long-term operation.
Hinges Facilitate Maintenance Tasks
Rugged and durable hinges significantly facilitate plant maintenance.

1-2-3: Simple Installation in Just Three Steps

Easy Installation in just three steps

The unique enclosure design makes mounting remarkably easy. Decoupled installation steps allow even large and heavy enclosures to be installed by just one person: First, create two fix points (1-2). Hang up the enclosure at those two points. Then drill two more holes (3), insert and tighten all screws. 

True Masters of Extremes in Temperature

GR Series for use in harsh environments

The extended temperature range of -60°C to +65 °C makes the enclosures usable for applications in harsh environments. In many applications, they are an alternative to stainless steel enclosures, which are common for such low temperatures.

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