Sensor Solutions for Entrance Automation

To ensure the functionality and safety of escalators, automatic doors, gates or elevators, powerful sensors are essential. The sensors from the Pepperl+Fuchs portfolio are suitable for a wide range of applications in entrance automation.


Comprehensive Portfolio

Escalators, automatic doors, gates, and elevators have become an integral part of our daily lives. With a broad portfolio and extensive application know-how, Pepperl+Fuchs offers the ideal sensor solution for each of these application areas.

Tailor-Made Solutions

From automatic doors to industrial gates to highly sensitive security areas—with the help of different function principles and pioneering technologies, Pepperl+Fuchs supports you in implementing your individual application efficiently, safely, and reliably.

An Experienced Market Leader

With more than 70 years of experience in industrial automation, Pepperl+Fuchs has successfully solved a diverse range of applications and is continuously developing new technologies to make your processes more reliable and efficient.


Your success is important to us: Create safe and efficient processes and upgrade your plant to Industry 4.0 with intelligent sensor technology from Pepperl+Fuchs!

Automatic Doors and Access Systems

Automatic Doors and Access Systems

Automatic doors and access systems open and close whenever passers-by want to use entrances or exits. To ensure that people are protected at all times during opening and closing, automatic doors are equipped with intelligent sensor technology. Automatic doors also offer advantages from an ecological point of view, as they allow the owner to save on heating or air conditioning costs.

Industrial Gates


Highly functional indoor and outdoor automatic gates are an important means of optimizing complex operations and critical logistics processes. Pepperl+Fuchs sensor systems are tailored to the requirements of the respective field and offer a high level of safety and convenience.



Safe monitoring of cab access as well as reliable and exact positioning are the main tasks of sensor technology used on elevators. The components for continuous monitoring can be found wherever movements pose a potential danger to people—such as when elevator doors close.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter security is becoming increasingly important—not only in critical infrastructures such as prisons, airports or data centers, but also in industrial and private sectors. For the efficient protection of sites, controlled and unambiguous detection of people and objects by means of coordinated sensor technology is essential.

Public Transport

Public Transport

Public transportation is an important part of our mobility and everyday culture. Many millions of people use public transportation every day to get from one place to another. Protecting passengers when boarding and disembarking buses and trains is a top priority. For this reason, particularly high requirements are placed on safety and functionality when using sensor technology in public transportation. To prevent failures and possible personal injury, Pepperl+Fuchs relies on sensor technology that has been specially developed for this area of application.

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