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WirelessHART - Ride the Wave

No matter which phase your WirelessHART network is in, with the solutions provided by Pepperl+Fuchs, you always have the right tool.

From 3D simulation to flexible MODBUS mapping to graphical network diagnostics. We're not only simplifying your WirelessHART network, but also making it visible.

WirelessHART Gateway with the best tools for network diagnostics

Our WirelessHART Gateway is the core element of WirelessHART networks. You can use the unique graphical network diagnostics directly in the web interface, without any additional software products, independently from the control system. The fast and simple network diagnostics reduce your maintenance costs and improve your plant availability.

Another very efficient tool is the flexible MODBUS Mapping Generator. Just a few clicks in the DTM and this tool provides you with a MODBUS mapping that flexibly meets your needs. This saves you time and costs at commissioning. You can conduct your planning works concurrently by editing your network offline and reducing costs and time required for planning.

Wireless Network Checker (WiNC) for three-dimensional simulation

The unique 3D Simulation software WiNC provides simplified planning of WirelessHART networks by including the ambient conditions of your plant in the planning phase. You benefit from safe planning and investment due to the preliminary testing of the network concept. You can calculate the optimum number of repeaters in your network at the same time. This has a positive effect on network commissioning and installation as the required time is reduced due to the 3D simulation with WiNC. Automatically, your plant availability is increased and costs are reduced.

3D Simulation Changes 
– WiNC Mod
– WiNC Sim
– Self-organizing
– Self-healing
Engineering Maintenance 
– Offline editing in DTM
– Flexible modbus mapping
– Tools available in web tool and DTM
– AMS, PSM DDs, and DTMs available 
Commissioning Operating 
– Graphical network diagnostics – Configuration and parameterization of field devices