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Distance Measuring Using Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) [Movie]

The Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) direct measuring method uses a laser diode that emits extremely short, but very powerful, light pulses that are reflected by the target object and then detected again by a light-sensitive receiver. Discrete light pulses are emitted that can be up to one thousand times higher than indirect methods that use a constant-emission light beam.

The advantages of the VDM28 series and Pulse Ranging Technology are accuracy, noise immunity, precision and target independence.

The short, powerful light pulses provide the most accurate distance measuring results. The discrete light pulses ensure a high degree of immunity with respect to extraneous light, temperatures as low as –30 °C and changes to the measurement distance as a result of environmental influences. Precise distance measuring results are also guaranteed in situations where there are a number of targets within the detection range or objects are present in the distant background, that are present beyond the measuring range. In these cases, unfavorable object surfaces, such as dark materials with low reflectivity, only result in minimal black-white differences and are, therefore, no problem for a VDM28 with PRT.

The PRT distance measuring process consistently returns accurate, reliable, precise and reproducible results, regardless of the ambient conditions.