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Detecting PCBs Optimally with ML8 Miniature Photoelectric Sensors [Movie]

Our series ML8-8 miniature photoelectric sensors are specifically designed for the reliable detection of printed circuit boards. Different printed circuit boards are easily recognized, and shiny or reflective objects in the background are ignored.

The basic device, the ML8-8-HGU photoelectric sensor, precisely detects the edges of circuit boards with its narrow, elongated light spot. It facilitates precise positioning of the circuit boards. In order to execute this function, the sensor also features background suppression.

Even more powerful is the ML8-8-H photoelectric sensor, which, as a ‘world first’, operates with numerous light spots. The multiple light spot method achieves superior background suppression, which safely suppresses the highly reflective background from aluminum carriers located just a few millimeters beyond the end of the sensing range.

Both sensor types ignore indentations, holes and components on the circuit board.