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SU19: Fiber Optic Sensor with Clear Status Indication [Movie]

Packed with features, the SU19 comfort series fiber optic sensor measures only 9 mm x 62 mm. It offers high resolution and a four-digit percentage display that guarantees a clearly understood and defined set point. Even more, it offers a choice of five operating modes and various teach-in functions for a wide variety of applications.
The animation shows two SU19 fiber optic sensors mounted inside of a tape and reel automate, each installed for a specific application.
The first application shows an SU19 fiber optic sensor in glass detection mode with a thru-beam mode fiber optic cable that detects a transparent film. Unlike conventional fiber optic sensors, SU19 offers long-term stable detection of low contrast materials with AST function such as single-layer clear films, plastic, and glass.
A second SU19 sensor is easily gang mounted to the first on the same DIN rail. Used with a fiber optic cable with a slot head, its high resolution and high speed performance enables accurate and high-speed detection of notches in the carrier tape. The rear bridge contacts enable simple gang mounting of SU19 sensors, which minimizes not only the cost and eliminates cross-talk, but also saves wiring time and effort.
The SU19 is the most compact digital display fiber optic sensor on the market and is extremely easy to use and install. The high resolution mode allows stable detection of objects even in very low contrast situations, and the 16 kHz switching frequency opens up a wide rang of high-speed applications. It is the best choice for quality, precision, simplicity, and cost-effective operation.