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F31K2 – Valve Position Sensing for Hard Outdoor Use

Weathering the storm

Pepperl+Fuchs' newest valve position sensor is the F31K2, which is especially designed for use in harsh environments. Main applications are chemical, petrochemical, and the oil and gas industry.

The new sensor series F31K2 completes our product range „open solutions for valve position sensors on actuators“ with inductive double sensors. Pepperl+Fuchs is your ideal partner for the requirements of process automation.

Highlights at a glance


Easy mounting

Easily mount the F31K2 onto standard actuators without additional assembling aids.


Best view

Due to the open solution and a translucent housing, you always have the integrated beacon in view.


Flexible housing

The housing of F31K2 meets modern design standards and increases your flexibility with its modularity.


High impermeability

An inductive and non-contact detection of valve position ensures your process with unbeatable impermeability.


Extremely robust

With the high U/V-, temperature and salt water resistance F31K2 handles any outdoor situation.


Well protected

Its use in explosion-proof areas distinguishes the F31K2 especially for your applications in the chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas industry.