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Did You Work It Out? The Solution to Our Riddle from the E-News Issue of November 2015


It`s just a matter of time

Church clock
How long will the bells ring when the church clock chimes twelve o`clock?

It is a full moon and little Tim cannot sleep. After detailed counting of sheep and hours later, when he was just falling asleep again, he suddenly startled awake to a noise. It is the church clock, which is now chiming six o`clock. Wide awake, Tim sits up on his bed and looks out of his window to watch the old church tower.

He notes that from the first chime to the sixth chime it exactly takes six seconds. How long will the bells ring when the church clock chimes twelve o`clock?


The first chime starts at second zero, followed by five more chimes. When the church clock chimes six times, there are five time periods in between.

Time between clock chimes

To find out how long a single period of time takes, you have to divide the six seconds by the five time periods.

6/5 = 1.2 seconds

When the church clock chimes twelve o`clock, there are eleven periods in between. Therefore, you have to calculate:

11 x time period
11 x 1.2 seconds = 13.2 seconds

Answer: At twelve o`clock, the bells of the church clock chime for 13.2 seconds.


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