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Absolute positioning systems safePXV and safePGV
Positioning Systems

SIL 3/PL e with One Sensor

For the first time, the new absolute positioning systems safePXV and safePGV realize safety level SIL 3/PL e with a single sensor. Rely on this innovative technology for maximum safety and efficiency … more
  Identification Systems

Ring-Shaped RFID

Pepperl+Fuchs has designed a custom RFID solution for tire building machines and cap strip machines. Learn how a ring-shaped RFID read/write head reliably handles rotating tags and metal surroundings … more
RFID read/write F198
inductive positioning systems PMI F90 and PMI F112
  Positioning Systems

Make Full Use of IO-Link

The PMI F90 and PMI F112 inductive positioning systems feature an IO-Link interface for customer-specific parameter setting, paving the way for modern Industry 4.0 applications. Find out more about our recent innovation … more
  Industrial Communication

The Right Choice for Your Network

Industrial Ethernet devices, Ethernet IO modules, AS-Interface, and IO-Link masters and devices are now grouped under "Industrial Communication" on our website. Select products according to your preferred communication protocol or interface … more
Industrial Communication

Pepperl+Fuchs Insights

  November | amplify—The Pepperl+Fuchs Magazine
Exciting success stories, application reports, interviews, and regional news await you in our new online magazine “amplify—The Pepperl+Fuchs Magazine”. Take a look inside and enjoy the infotainment experience … more

amplify—The New Pepperl+Fuchs Magazine

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Lyon, France
Hall 6
Logo SPS IPC Drives
SPS IPC Drives
Nuremberg, Germany
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Briefly Introduced ...

Deutsche Post has selected the town of Bad Hersfeld, Germany, as its test site for a robot to accompany and support mail carriers on their routes. Read more about how "PostBOTs" work … more

Brain Teaser

Put four matchsticks on the table in front of you, representing a cocktail glass. By clever placement of the matchsticks, you can conjure the grape out of the glass! But, you can move only two matchsticks. The direction of the glass can change, but not its shape … to solution
Riddle of e-news edition 2017-4

Knowledge in a Nutshell

LiDAR (Light Detecting and Ranging) is a detection method which works on the principle of radar, but uses laser light. The LiDAR sensor emits rapid light pulses which are reflected by a target. Using the reception time of each light pulse, the sensor calculates the distance between itself and the target with high accuracy. In this application report, learn how LiDAR sensors can be used for navigating automated guided vehicles (AGVs) … more

Media Desk

Industrial Sensors

New Product Overview

Five sensor technology centers, 500 development engineers, and more than 35,000 products—these numbers illustrate our technological expertise and long-time experience in factory automation. Get an insight into our comprehensive product portfolio …
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Photoelectric Sensors

How To Video

In this video, Product Manager Sebastian Pesch demonstrates step-by-step how to detect small objects using diffuse mode sensors from our R3 and R2F series. Learn more about the operating principles of these photoelectric sensors ...
Sebastian Pesch in new How-To video View Video
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