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Functional Safety—Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and Performance Level (PL)
Functional Safety

Increase Safety in Your Industrial Plant

Speaking of ways to rate systems for use in today’s safety applications, the acronyms SIL (safety integrity level) and PL (performance level) come to mind. But what exactly is behind these terms? Get the answer and all necessary expertise to make your system safe … more

Products and Applications

RFID Handhelds—Convenient Hose Maintenance in Hazardous and Industrial Areas
  Identification Systems

Convenient Hose Maintenance

Among giant tanks and conveyor systems in chemical plants, thousands of hoses transport process media from point A to point B. Learn how RFID handhelds from Pepperl+Fuchs and ecom make hose maintenance convenient and efficient … more
  Industrial Communication

Efficient Integration of Binary Sensors via IO-Link

New I/O hubs allow plant and machine builders to easily and economically integrate large numbers of binary sensors into the IO-Link communication channel. Discover how to establish cost-efficient subnetworks with reduced cabling complexity … more
The new I/O hubs dramatically simplify wiring and are ideally suited to establishing cost-efficient subnetworks in plants …
Precise Position Feedback with Pepperl+Fuchs Sensors
  Proximity Sensors

Precise Position Feedback on Manual Valves

Sofis, the experts for valve operation applications in the process industry, relies on Pepperl+Fuchs sensors for its latest solution “Valve Position Indicator” (VPI). Read how VPI ensures precise valve position detection while reducing costs and increasing overall process reliability … more

Pepperl+Fuchs Insights

  June 2018 | Joining Forces for New IoT Solutions
SAP and Pepperl+Fuchs will strengthen their IoT cooperation in the process industry. Learn more about joint IoT solutions for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance in production plants as well as for product logistics in continuous processes … more

Dr. Gunther Kegel, CEO Pepperl+Fuchs and Nils Herzberg, Global Head Go-to-Market & Strategic Partnerships for SAP Leonardo IoT

Stories on amplify

Open for Innovation
From automotive to aerospace to renewable energies and beyond, Mexico is a top destination for global investment and Industry 4.0/IIoT technologies. Take a tour with Pepperl+Fuchs through this dynamic country, and see why Mexico has become a center for innovation … more

Mexico country

Brain Teaser

In a courtyard, four teenagers are playing soccer until one of them breaks a window. The homeowner takes the four teenagers to task, but only one person tells the truth:

Nicolas: Elena has kicked the ball.
Marc: It was not me! 
Elena: Bastian did it.
Bastian: Elena is lying!

Can you figure out who has kicked the ball that broke the window?

  To Solution
The Broken Window Glass Incident

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Connected Customization

Multi-sensor systems with 2-D LiDAR sensors can precisely scan object contours and merge the measured data into a 3-D point cloud. Experience in our video the possibilities of Connected Customization …
Sensorik 4.0 application at HANNOVER MESSE View Video
Photoelectric Sensors

The All-Round Solution

Be it in the automotive sector or in the packaging industry—each of the five housing designs of the R10x- and R20x photoelectric sensor series can be used for all purposes. See for yourself the unique flexibility and versatile applications …
R10x and R20x Series Photoelectric Sensors View Video
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